Knife for vegetables

The knife for vegetables is our faithful kitchen helper, without which the cooking process is impossible. There is a whole world of kitchen knives , but often instead of using the knife correctly in one situation or another, we use the same. Choosing the right knife for each product is an entire science. Let's try to understand the knives for vegetables.

Varieties of vegetable knives

Knife for cleaning vegetables (vegetable peelings). It is a longitudinal or transverse blade with even or serrated edges on a comfortable handle. They can clean potatoes, carrots, beets and other root crops. Such knives significantly speed up the cooking process and facilitate the work of the cook. Peelers are safe, reliable and comfortable. This knife must certainly be present in every kitchen.

A knife for vegetables is another interesting kitchen tool. With its help, you can make a beautiful cut of vegetables to decorate the festive table. Very unusual looks fried potatoes, sliced ​​with such a wavy knife for vegetables. The knife can have the form either standard - with a familiar handle, but a wavy blade. Another option is a knife that is manipulated by pressing the handle on top.

A universal knife for vegetables is a standard knife with a short blade and a pointed spout. Vegetable knives made of ceramics are incredibly popular today. They can thinly chop up soft vegetables, but use caution to handle solid foods. And one more option is a universal knife with a plastic handle and double blades at its two ends. One side can clean the skin with vegetables, the other - cut the vegetables with straw. It is very convenient for cooking carrots in Korean. In addition, on the very handle of such a knife is a mini-grater for garlic. Such a multifunctional tool is incredibly convenient and should be for every mistress.