How to rub the baby with vodka at a temperature?

With the disease, as a rule, the child has a fever. It can be both low and reach up to 40 ° C. On what only worried mummy will not go to immediately knock down the temperature to the sick child.

Often in the course are all kinds of folk methods. After all, they have a softer effect on the body, and there is no need to poison the child with chemical drugs. Among such popular methods is vodka at the temperature of the baby. In addition to this, vinegar is also used .

Mechanism of action of rubbing

The temperature drops from all kinds of rubbing (vodka and acetic) due to the fact that getting on the skin, the product causes a spasm of blood vessels, cools the skin, and the heat output is reduced. That is, the skin gradually becomes necessary temperature, which shows the thermometer.

But at this time, the heat that the body emits intensively does not go away. It accumulates inside, because the exit through the skin is closed to it. Because of this, there is a sharp overheating of the internal organs, which is fraught with serious complications.

How to properly rub the baby with vodka at a temperature?

The most necessary action that needs to be taken when a child has a high temperature is to strictly prohibit anxious relatives from rubbing the baby. It can cause huge damage to his body and even lead to chemical intoxication, since vodka for the baby is a poison.

That is, the answer to the question of how to rub a child with vodka at high temperature - it will be unequivocal: never and never. The drugs, which are so scary for some parents, preferring them to dubious folk methods, are specially developed for children and their harm is negligible, compared to the same vodka.

If the dosage of the prescribed antipyretic drugs is not exceeded, then the child can not do any harm. The only exception is an individual intolerance, but the doctor will prescribe a remedy for these children, which is suitable, in place of the most popular (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen).

Can I even rub the baby at a temperature?

Because of the same vasospasm, which can even lead to febrile seizures, cold, and even more so, ice grindings for children are prohibited. Instead, it is better to wipe the body with warm water. Its temperature should be at least 37 ° C.

With a wet sponge or cloth, the child is wiped all over the body, paying special attention to the axillary and ulnar cavities, and also the dimples under the knees, and allow it to dry naturally. This procedure for reducing the temperature should be carried out in one approach at least 2-3 times, and afterwards to put on the baby.