How to properly tighten the chest?

Every mother knows how important it is for babies to breastfeed. But sooner or later the time comes when the baby is weaned from the breast, then the mother may wonder what to do to stop the milk production. Previously, for this purpose, the mammary glands were tightened, now some people also use this method. But at the moment there are many other ways. If the mother still decided to pull the breast in order to lose the milk, then she needs to know how to do it right.

Description of the equipment

To conduct this procedure, you will need an assistant, for example, a mother, husband or girlfriend. It will also be necessary to prepare a thin cotton fabric, a sheet will do, in the extreme case, you can use a towel. Apply a bandage to the chest from the armpits and to the lower ribs, while the material should fit tightly to the skin. The tissue is fixed behind the blades with a tight knot, but so that the mother does not feel pain or inconvenience.

Those who are interested in how to properly tighten the breast to burn out the milk, also worried when it is better to do it. It is believed that it is optimal to conduct the first procedure at night, and in the morning you can remove the bandage and drain the milk . It is important to carry out manipulation only after the baby has emptied the chest.

It is necessary to express the milk, though not completely, to prevent its stagnation, mastitis . Some mammologists do not recommend using a breast pump for this, but to carry out the procedure manually.

It is difficult to say exactly how long to walk with a tightened chest. Usually this process takes up to 10 days, but it is not necessary to walk round the clock in such a bandage.

Tips and Tricks

In order not to have milk, it is important not only to know how to tighten the breast, but also to take into account other nuances. You can give such tips that will speed up the process:

To achieve an early cessation of milk production, it is possible to make compresses on the chest from cabbage leaves.

If a woman feels pain, gropes for the slightest seals, she should consult a doctor. In general, many counselors on Hepatitis B are against breast-pulling and are advised to do without this procedure if possible. But many women stopped lactation, thanks to this particular method. It is up to the modern mummy to resort to this method - it's up to her.