How to determine an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages?

To determine such a violation, as an ectopic pregnancy, is rather difficult in the early stages. The thing is that there are no specific symptoms that make it possible to say with certainty about the presence of this disorder.

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy?

With the development of ectopic pregnancy the girl experiences the same sensations as with normal. In this case, there are observed:

Now it is necessary to say about what signs it is possible to determine an ectopic pregnancy, and at what time (week). Previously, this violation gynecologists detected only by 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, when the symptoms of the violation were obvious, and the condition of the pregnant woman deteriorated sharply.

Today, before determining the ectopic pregnancy in the early stages, doctors prescribe certain tests and research. A special role here belongs to the analysis on the level of hCG. So, when assessing the results, if the hormone concentration is below normal and does not correspond to the gestational age, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound examination.

In general, ultrasound can determine an ectopic pregnancy, when 7-10 days have passed since conception. It is by this time that implantation occurs, i.e. introduction of the fetal egg into the endometrium. In this case, it is clearly visible in the uterine cavity. If the egg is located in the fallopian tube (which is most often observed with ectopic pregnancy), they speak of the development of the disorder.

Development of this condition is also accompanied by the following symptoms:

What is the risk of an ectopic pregnancy for the mother's body?

With 100% accuracy determine ectopic pregnancy, no matter what the term, the doctor can only use the ultrasound machine. The above symptoms can not be used to diagnose. many of them are observed in normal pregnancy.

If we talk about how dangerous this violation is for the mother's health, it is, first of all, the rupture of the uterine tube. This phenomenon occurs when the disorder is diagnosed quite late, because of the untimely treatment of a pregnant woman. Many future mothers try to endure the emerging moderate pains, worsening of the condition, writing off them for manifestations of toxicosis at the beginning of pregnancy. This leads to sad consequences. As a result of the rupture, the integrity of the uterine tissues is disrupted, which is accompanied by severe bleeding. In this case, assistance must be provided immediately.

The only way to treat this violation is cleaning. The fetal egg is extracted with a special vacuum device. The operation itself lasts about 30 minutes and is of little use.

After cleaning, ultrasound is mandatory. Its purpose is to exclude the presence of the remains of the fetal egg or embryo, depending on the term of the operation.

Thus, when an ectopic pregnancy is determined, at whatever time it occurs, they resort to ultrasound. Only after the doctor discovers the absence of a fetal egg in the uterine cavity is the corresponding diagnosis issued. Treatment is carried out immediately, which avoids the development of possible complications for the health of the woman and the fetus.