How to deceive guests if you are a useless hostess

For breakfast - porridge, for lunch - porridge, for dinner - porridge, and all because nothing else than this you can not cook, and even hard-boiled eggs for you - an insurmountable difficulty.

In a word, the mistress of you is useless, but your guests do not need to know this. Well, we will share with you a few secrets so that they will never know the truth.

1. All the friable - in the banks.

After buying cereals, pasta or spices, pour everything into as many cans of crockery and put in a prominent place. This will emphasize not only your features as a keeper of the home, but also a skilled decorator.

2. Mineral water is the guarantee of health.

Have the guests come? Politely offer them a glass of water to quench your thirst. A clean transparent glass and thousands of bubbles will do the work for you. And it does not matter that you yourself drink water from the tap.

3. Clean bathroom.

Yes, tell me what kind of bathroom you have, and I'll tell you who you are! A few cleaning products, and a bathroom, a wash basin, taps and mirrors shine like new ones.

4. All the secret ... remains secret.

Another golden rule of the bathroom - when guests arrive, remove everything that you normally use and get everything you normally do NOT use, for example, miniature tubes left after resting in foreign hotels. Now their time is shining.

5. A little fresh greenery will not hurt.

Store purchased parsley, basil and coriander in a jar of water. Everyone will think that you raised them yourself.

6. More pillows - more coziness.

Pillows with different prints can be ordered on the Internet. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: show your taste in the interior design, and at the same time cover the traces of your stay on the couch while watching your favorite TV series.

7. You read a lot - you know a lot.

The book on the bedside table is a sign of your reading, and the thicker it is, the better, even if you have no idea what it's about.

8. Vivid accents.

Choose the largest bowl and fill it with lemons. Guests will have nothing to think about, that you grow them on your balcony.

9. Evergreen plants.

Not every landlady can boast of well-kept indoor plants. Choose unpretentious flowers, such as a money tree.

10. Muted light.

Purely hypothetical, if dust is not visible, it is not. Two candles and the lights off are sufficient conditions to not notice it.

11. Nice napkins.

In Ikea, these can be purchased for pennies, and they look better than a roll of ordinary paper towels.

12. A bottle of good wine in the pasture.

Having said: "So-so ... Somewhere I had a bottle of delicious expensive wine ...", you assure your guest that you did not buy it an hour before he came.

13. Crown dish.

Nothing so captivates, like a piece of juicy meat in the company with the freshest vegetables flavored with fragrant herbs. And it does not matter what this multivark masterpiece prepared, not you.

14. Without unnecessary gestures.

Do not bother and bake complex cakes or muffins for dessert. Especially not the fact that the step-by-step actions of the recipe that you perform will give the expected results. A couple of milk chocolate bars and a bowl of forest berries are what you need.

15. Tea is more than in India.

The final point in the conquest of your guests can be different types of tea: Lady Gray, Irish Brekfast, Rooibos, citrus, with chamomile, mint, jasmine, cinnamon, green ... List any number of names, the main thing is that the last three were actually available.