Home-made mayonnaise

Although mayonnaise is not considered a traditional Slavic dish, its popularity has grown significantly over the past few decades. Therefore, this sauce is found on our tables by no means less than horseradish or mustard. Mayonnaise is used for recipes for various salads, as a marinade and in addition to many dishes. You can buy mayonnaise in any grocery store, and besides, there are a lot of recipes for cooking homemade mayonnaise .

The composition of any mayonnaise includes the following ingredients: eggs, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, mustard, lemon juice. In some recipes of this sauce it is permissible to replace sunflower oil with olive oil, and lemon juice with vinegar. In order to make the mayonnaise a characteristic consistency for it, it must be thoroughly beaten. Quickly and fairly easily, this can be done with a mixer or blender. If you can whisk mayonnaise manually, then this process can be delayed for a long time. The principle of cooking homemade mayonnaise is simple: the eggs must be mixed with salt, sugar, mustard and lemon juice. stir the resulting mass to a homogeneous state, then slowly, literally drop by drop, pour in the sunflower oil, continuing to continuously whisk. Eggs with seasonings should be mixed with butter until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained. After that, the sauce should be cooled and served to various dishes.

Some recipes for the preparation of mayonnaise do not contain eggs. To cook the mayonnaise without eggs , heated milk is used. This mayonnaise to taste almost does not differ from the classical, but it is considered more dietary.

The fineness of cooking homemade mayonnaise:

Despite the fact that many women prefer low-calorie dishes, salad recipes without mayonnaise are much less than with mayonnaise. Without a world-famous salad Olivier, which is prepared with mayonnaise, there is not a single festive table. And a dish like fish fried with mayonnaise, is considered a real delicacy.

Many domestic and foreign companies are engaged in the production of mayonnaise. The most popular mayonnaise in the domestic market is mayonnaise Provansal. And such producers of mayonnaise as Sloboda and Luka offer this sauce with various spices, spices, garlic, olives, cheese.

From homemade mayonnaise, you get an excellent marinade for meat. Shish kebab from pork or chicken in mayonnaise turns out gentle and juicy. Especially popular as a marinade for meat is mayonnaise with garlic. Mayonnaise prepares dough for various pies. Dough on homemade mayonnaise, as a rule, does not need yeast, but when preparing the dough for mayonnaise, it is necessary to use mayonnaise with eggs, and not on milk. This test produces excellent pies with different fillings, cookies and sweets. This dough can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

Mayonnaise is used not only as a food product. Many women have found this sauce much more extensive use. Home-made mayonnaise is an excellent mask for skin and hair. Masks for hair from mayonnaise contribute to hair growth and their strengthening. For the skin, this mask is useful, thanks to the high content of various vitamins.