Hair extensions at home

Every girl dreams of having long thick hair, shining with health and brilliance. But the constant laying, stress and negative impact of the environment often do not allow to obtain the desired effect even with very careful care. Therefore, in recent years, increasing popularity is gaining hair extensions either at home or in the salon.

Types of hair extensions:

  1. The Japanese technique. This type assumes fastening of locks by means of special metal beads.
  2. The Italian technique of building up is to attach additional strands of hair to the hair with a keratin capsule, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 mm. It is possible to use microcapsules, almost imperceptible tactile.
  3. Cold hair extension. The safest way to give your hair extra length and thickness. The essence of the method is to attach the scalable hair to the native hair with the help of cold carotene. This substance instantly freezes in contact with oxygen and does not harm hair scales.
  4. Hot kind of build-up. Heated to a high temperature resin is used as a stringer for strands. This method strongly damages the hair and requires careful subsequent care and frequent correction.
  5. Tressovoe hair extension. Hair for extension is weaved in a row (tress) with the help of tape or special thread. This method provides the longest effect from the build-up and provides an ideally even length of strands.
  6. Overhead strands. The fastest method, but, unfortunately, short-lived. Stretched strands are attached to hair on clips or clips at the very roots. For aesthetically, the attachment point should be covered with your own hair.
  7. Ultrasound hair extension. One of the varieties of the capsule method, but with the use of the latest developments in the field of laser technology. This allows you to achieve high quality capsules and its minimum size.

Used materials for hair extensions:

Tools for hair extension:

What hair extensions are better?

Each method has its pluses and minuses, so, what is the best way to increase hair - an exceptionally individual choice. Be sure to consult with the master about the type of your hair, determine the thickness and strength of the hair bulb. This will allow you to choose the most safe and harmless method.

At the moment the most sparing technique is cold build-up, but strands need frequent correction (once a month) and constant home care.

Is it harmful to build hair?

Naturally, any chemical or thermal impact harms the hair. Therefore, before deciding to get a new hairstyle and long strands, you need to diagnose the scalp. In addition, it is desirable to choose quality materials and a qualified specialist who will perform the procedure.

How to build hair yourself:

  1. To buy high-quality materials for hair extensions.
  2. To acquire the necessary equipment necessary for the chosen method of building.
  3. Master the technology of the procedure.
  4. Get a consultation of several masters in the salons.
  5. In advance, prepare hair care and correction products.