San Marino refers to the places that many tourists seek to visit, coming to this tiny state from all over the world. Its peculiarity is that it is surrounded on all sides by the territory of Italy. The highest point of this country is on Mount Monte Titano , which rises above sea level by 750 meters. The mountain has three peaks, each of which in the middle of the century were built three fortress towers . Their names are Montale , Chest and Guaita.

What is interesting about the tower?

The tower of Guaita San Marino has another name - Prima Torre. And this is the oldest defensive structure of the state. It was built in the 11th century and was used as a prison, and then as a watchtower. Also this place was a refuge in which residents could hide from enemies.

The importance of the tower says its name, as Prima Torre in translation means "The First Tower". The first and really impregnable. The peculiarity of the fortress is its location: it hangs over an incredible cliff. But that's not all: the tower is surrounded by walls, which are lined up in two rings.

And today the fortress of Guaita remains the most famous in San Marino . Despite the fact that it was built in the 10th century. Then, approximately from the end of the 15th century, the tower was reconstructed, and its reconstruction lasted for almost two hundred years. Its direct purpose, the prison, it still preserved in the 20th century, until 1970. It can rightly be called one of the oldest prisons of our planet.

Mecca for tourists

And even today, the castle of Guaita in San Marino looks quite intimidating. And if you wander through it, it remains a complete feeling that you were in the Middle Ages. And the confirmation of this will be the stone staircases, from which the cold air blows, the tiny window-loopholes and the tangled labyrinths of the aisles.

But now Guaita is known as a popular place for visiting tourists. Despite the steep climbs, people are still trying to overcome this path, since from the height unforgettable views are opened to the surroundings. With ease you can consider both San Marino and Italy. At its top for tourists created excellent observation platforms, which allow you to enjoy the views. Also here is one of the many museums of the state - the Museum of the History of San Marino. Another interesting feature of the tower of Guaita is that on holidays from the bastions of the fortress single shots are issued from old, but still effective, artillery guns.

And then it seems that the population of this small but really proud country will wear a medieval armor and take defensive positions. And the fortress again, like for thousands of years, will help to preserve independence. But while everything is quiet, the locals will gladly feed you with amazing pizza and sell the most delicious wine.

Guaita is the place where you can wander for a long time, examine prison cells and stairs, and then admire the surroundings, standing next to the clouds.

How to get there?

In San Marino there is no own airport, so it's worth using the nearest airports. Rimini Airport is 25 km from San Marino. But you can also fly to Forli, Flonk or Bologna, although it will take considerably longer to get there.

From Rimini to San Marino, buses run daily, and the journey time is about 45 minutes. Every day, buses perform at least 6 or 8 flights. The most convenient place for planting is parking in Piazzale Calcigni (Piazzale delle Autocorriere).

If you get by car, then from Rimini to San Marino you need to go on the SS72 highway. There is no border control at the entrance to San Marino.