Fluditik for children - important rules of admission

Fluidite for children is a mucolytic agent. That is, a drug is intended to fight the cough. The active components of the composition dilute the too viscous secret, which gathers in the bronchi, and the sputum is more likely to leave the body. In addition, Fluiditek helps to eliminate inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Fluidite - composition

On sale today you can find two main types of syrup. Fluderik for children 2% and 5%. The latter is painted in a light green color with a brownish tint and has a caramel flavor. The 2 percent drug is orange and banana flavor. The funds are designed for children, because they look great, and the taste is very pleasant. Syrup Fluidite in the composition has one main active substance - carbocysteine. Among the auxiliary components of the drug:

Fluidite - indications for use

The drug has one basic indication - cough. To combat it, Fluidite for children is prescribed for diseases of an infectious and inflammatory nature that occur both in the upper and lower respiratory tract:

Among other things, the cough syrup Fluidite is effective for otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis adenoids and many other ailments that affect the nasopharynx. Although the tool is considered harmless, it is always necessary to always consult with the doctor. Sometimes the drug is recommended before the procedure for bronchoscopy or bronchography. When using the Fluidite syrup from cough in parallel with antibacterial drugs, it will enhance the therapeutic effect of the latter and accelerate recovery.

Fljuditik - at what cough to take for children?

The effect of the drug is due to the activation of the enzyme cells of the mucosa, which normalizes the ratio of sialomucins in the bronchial secretion, - force transferase. After a decrease in viscosity, mucus begins to expectorate and easily exits the respiratory tract. Knowing this, to think from what cough Fluidite helps, it is not necessary - from dry. The use of it with strong sputum is inexpedient.

Fluidite - side effects in children

If you follow all the rules for taking the drug Fluidite, side effects will not be shown, but you still need to know what they can be like. Among the undesirable effects are the following:

Fluiditis - contraindications

The agent acts gently, and it is suitable for almost everyone. However, with all warnings, it is important to know before starting therapy. Fljudite syrup for children can not be used for allergy to at least one component of the composition of the product. With caution use the drug should be with inflammation of the bladder. Also, it is necessary to give Fluitechik gently to children for up to a year. It is not advisable to treat syrup with children who sit on a strict low-carbohydrate diet that prescribes salt restriction.

How to take Fluidite for children?

The medication is intended for internal use. The syrup is pleasant to the taste, therefore with reception of its problems should not arise. Before the beginning of therapy it is necessary to consult with a specialist and specify all the features of taking the medicine. This will help avoid many negative reactions and prevent the occurrence of side effects and complications. Syrup Fluditik application does not require very long. The average course of treatment, as a rule, is 5 days, but it can vary depending on the complexity of the disease and the condition of the patient.

Fluderik - dosage for children

The necessary effective amount of the drug is selected individually for each child by a specialist. Independently sachet - in this form, the medicine can be taken only by children over 15 years of age - and the cough syrup Fljudītek for children is strongly discouraged from prescribing pediatricians. In most cases, give a remedy 2 to 3 times a day.

The principle of using such a drug as a syrup for children Flour, varies slightly depending on the age of the patient, but you should always remember that per kilogram of the baby's weight should not be more than 30 mg of medicament:

  1. Children from one month to two years are entitled to one teaspoon of a medication once or twice a day.
  2. From 2 to 5 years: a teaspoon twice a day.
  3. A child older than 5 years can be given a teaspoon of substance three times: morning, afternoon and evening.

Fluderik - before or after eating

Features of taking the medicine are also very important to consider when mucolytic therapy. Strict conditions, as such, do not exist. Children's Flavish can be drunk both before and after meals. The main thing that parents must remember when dealing with the treatment of a child is that the interval between the use of the medicine and the meal must be at least two hours. Otherwise, treatment may be ineffective.

If, five days after the start of taking Fluidite syrup with a dry cough in a child, the symptoms do not go away, it is best to consult a specialist. The doctor will replace the medicine or adjust the dosage. If cough spasms have gone for one to two days after the start of therapy, you can not stop taking the medicine. The problem can return, moreover, in a more severe form.

Fluidite - analogues for children

This medicine is in an affordable price category and has established itself as an effective tool that helps operatively and harmlessly. Due to this syrup is suitable for almost all small patients, but there can always be exceptions. Some parents have to look for the drug Fljudítik analogues. There is this for various reasons, but the main thing is to find an alternative to the medicine is not difficult.

The assortment of modern mucolytic agents looks impressive. Pharmacies offer different analogues of Fluiditeka. All of them are good, but the purchase of any of them should be agreed with the treating doctor. The substitutes with a similar active ingredient are popular:

Analogous medicines that can be taken for asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, tracheitis and other ailments are as follows: