Finishing with bark beetle

Finishing the facade of a private house with plastering bark beetle is a very good solution. Firstly, it will save the construction from adverse natural and mechanical influences, and secondly, the technology used when applying bark beetle is so simple that plastering can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists.

Positive moments when decorating external walls with bark beetle

The decoration of the walls with bark beetle is gaining popularity and becomes in demand due to the original texture, quick and simple process of its application, quite presentable and aesthetic appearance, low cost.

The plaster has received its name because, after its application, the finished surfaces are similar to the tree, which the beetle exudes from the bark beetle, the granules present in its composition contribute to this, due to which grooves and scars are formed.

Finishing of walls with plastering bark beetle is carried out in stages, the material easily falls on any surface: concrete, brick, cement, gypsum, plywood, wooden, foam and some others, this provides bark beetle advantages in comparison with many materials.

The walls, finished with bark beetle, are reliably protected from frost, heat, and are not afraid of moisture, dampness and other unfavorable natural phenomena. The bark beetle is not only a magnificent decorative covering of the facade and walls, but also a reliable protection against heat losses and penetration into the cold house.

Interior decoration with bark beetle

High ecological compatibility, absolute harmlessness and aesthetics of plastering bark beetle allows to use it successfully for interior finishing of the dwelling. A small weight of the finished mixture does not significantly increase the load on the walls, and during the hardening the plaster will not shrink.

Due to good vapor permeability, the walls of the dwelling can "breathe", it protects from the appearance of fungus and mold on them, which as a result will prolong the operational period of the house. Pigment dyes added to the mixture will allow it to be painted in any desired color.