Electronification of the cervix

The operation, in which conization of the cervix is ​​performed , can be performed in three ways - with the help of a surgical knife, using a laser or using an electrode (loop method). Diathermoelectroconization of the cervix is ​​a cone-shaped excision of a part of the cervix with a pathological focus with the help of a knife electrode. The tissues are excised by a cone, the tip of which is facing the uterus, and the base is towards the vagina.

How do cenoses of the cervix?

Electroconvision of the cervix is ​​carried out 1-3 days after the end of menstruation. Indications for her conduct will be confirmed dysplasia of the cervix 2-3 degrees. The procedure is carried out under intravenous anesthesia. In the vagina of the patient, a plastic mirror is inserted (metal can not be introduced because of electrical conductivity), and a scattering electrode is placed under the buttocks.

The cervix is ​​treated with Lugol's solution, which does not cover the pathological areas. For anesthesia, lidocaine is administered to the cervix, and epinephrine is used to reduce bleeding. Then install the electrode loop under the control of the colposcope for 3-5 mm from the damaged tissues. Passing through the loop high frequency current, it is immersed deep into the tissues by 5-8 mm, the excised section is removed by forceps and then the bleeding of their wound is stopped. Tissues from the cervix are necessarily examined histologically.

Electro cinnamon cervix - consequences

Because of the lack of ability to control the depth of penetration of electrodes, the most frequent consequences of electroconformation are bleeding. The long-term consequences are the formation of rough cervical scars. There may also be purulent inflammation after the procedure, especially if some rules are not observed after the intervention: do not have sex for a month, do not take a hot bath, do not go to swimming pools, saunas, do not go in for sports. After the procedure, smearing spotting is possible, for which tampons can not be used, but only sanitary napkins.