Dresses and shoes

In each created image there must be an element that will complete the ensemble. He should harmoniously approach the common side and decorate it. For example, choosing a dress, an important final element are shoes, which all fashion women pay special attention to. Wrong choice can spoil the whole appearance. Avoid this will help a few simple rules, how to combine dresses and shoes, which we gladly share.

Shoes under the dress

Before buying, it is first of all necessary to determine how the shoes you choose will be used in the future. After all, a woman must be first and foremost practical. If you choose shoes for your everyday dress, then you should give preference to more convenient models. For example, it can be sandals or sandals on a low but steady heel, as well as a platform or a wedge. Thus, with long walks, the legs will not get tired too quickly.

On a sunny and bright day, a light chiffon short beige dress will look great with the sandals on the platform, decorated with flowers in front. Well, if a date is planned, then a dark blue sarafan with a bright large floral print will be an excellent option. You can complete the ensemble with blue shoes on the platform and a bright yellow purse.

In each women's wardrobe should be a black dress and shoes, boats, which are considered universal and quite practical. However, the entire image need not be monochrome. The black dress is perfectly combined with red, beige, white, blue and pink shoes.

Going to the solemn event, you can choose more refined and luxurious shoes, decorated with lace, rhinestones and other decorative elements. In this case, it will be appropriate shoes with high heels. You can also experiment with the color scheme, but remember that if the dress and shoes are of different shades, then the accessories should be in harmony with the shoes.