Digit 1 for a year with your hands - an accessory for photo shoots

If you want to decorate the first birthday of your baby, I suggest sewing one digit with your own hands. It will not take so long.

Digit 1 for a year with your own hands

In order to sew a number one per year, you will need:

Next, I'll tell you how to sew a number 1 of the fabric:

  1. The size of the number choose what you like more, I will sew 40 cm in height and about 23 cm in width. You can draw the figure yourself, but you can print it on the printer. Cut the finished pattern, fold the fabric twice (face to face), prikolite with needles and circle.
  2. Remove the pattern of the figure, baste the fabric with needles and cut with a small allowance.
  3. Now prepare the side panels. I make the width of the sides 8 cm. I cut off without allowances. Everything is ready for sewing tsiferki.
  4. We proceed to sewing. First we sew the front part with the sidewall. Begin by sewing from the bottom of the figure, so that the joint of the sides is not so noticeable.
  5. Now attach the back of the figure and sew. Only the sides remain unchanged, through this hole we will turn out and fill the figure.
  6. Make incisions in curved and rounded places and turn them out.
  7. We proceed to filling. Fill tightly and knead occasionally so that there are no tubercles. After the figure is fully filled, sew a hole with a hidden seam.
  8. Everything, tsiferka ready! You can leave it that way, and you can decorate with ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, lace and other beautiful accessories.

As you can see, it's not so difficult to make a digit 1 by yourself for a year, as it might seem at first glance. It can easily be used for photo shoots of the birthday person, and then - decorate the baby's room.