Payment of sick leave

No matter how amazing health we did not have, all the same illnesses overtake us. And with them, and visits to doctors, and the registration of hospital cards. By the way, do you know how to pay a sick leave and are they all entitled to receive it?

In what cases is the sick leave issued?

All insured citizens have the right to receive temporary disability benefits in the presence of a sick leave sheet. If a person works part-time in more than one company, then he has the right to submit them to all workplaces. When registering a sick leave sheet, you need to specify this point. For the receipt of a sick leave sheet and its payment, employees are entitled to:

The principle of calculating the allowance for temporary incapacity for work

  1. When calculating the amount of benefits taken into account the average earnings of an employee for the last 2 years and the length of service of the employee.
  2. With a work experience of more than 8 years, the calculation takes into account 100% salary.
  3. At the experience of 5-8 years - 80%.
  4. At the experience less than 5 years - 60%.

If the experience is less than 6 months, then the minimum wage is used for calculations.

These rules are valid for Russia. Ukrainian lawmakers adopted an innovation in 2012, thanks to which people who already have experience of more than 8 years will receive 100% compensation for sick leave sheets, but for those who are yet to cross this threshold, one should only rely on 80% of wages. There is also a good side in this - 80% will receive those who have less than 8 years of work experience and who have not worked for a year. True, only 5 days of illness will be paid, all the rest - at the expense of the employee. In Russia in this respect everything is still the same, the first 3 days are paid by the enterprise, the rest of the FSS time, but legislators are threatening with changes in the payment of sick leave. While they are going to reform the order of payment, but who knows what other aspects they want to touch.

In what cases will the sick leave not be paid?

There are situations stipulated by the legislation, under which the sick-list will not be paid or will not be paid in full.

In Ukraine, for the following offenses, the employee is deprived of the right to pay for a sick leave sheet, in Russia the sick leave will be paid, but the amount of the allowance may be reduced:

In both countries, the sick leave will not be paid if:

Terms of payment of sick leave

Both in Russia, and in Ukraine, the sick leave sheet must be paid at the time of salary issuance, which occurs after the employee submits the sick leave sheet. If on the first working day after the illness the employee did not produce the sick leave sheet, he has the right to file it within six months from the time of coming to work. All this time, the employee retains the right to receive temporary disability benefits.

Registration of the sick leave

It is worth remembering that the sick list can not be accepted if it is incorrectly issued, so pay special attention to it. Remember that if there are more than 2 corrections, the sick list is considered invalid. And one more important point - the hospital sheet does not specify a diagnosis. These rules are valid both for Russia and for Ukraine.