Design nails 2018 - the most fashionable ideas of the new season

Design nails 2018 is an indispensable component in creating a stylish and spectacular image in any fashionista. In this case, an important role is played by the selection of various details: the shape and length of the nail plates, the choice of colors and decorative ornaments.

Fashionable nail design 2018

Stylists, creating nails in 2018, guided by the latest fashion trends, among which you can list the following:

What form of nails is in fashion in 2018?

One of the main components when creating a stylish nail art is the fashionable form of nails 2018. You can designate such variations:

Fashionable length of nails 2018

When deciding how to design the nails of 2018, the important thing is how long they will have. The following variations are possible:

Fashionable color of nails 2018

Make the image unique will help the color of nails 2018, stylists are guided by such fashionable trends:

Nails 2018 - fashion ideas of the season

This season, stylists will be able to fully express their imagination by creating nails of 2018, fashionable ideas for which are extremely diverse. Among the most relevant of them are the following:

French on nails 2018

One of the most common options remains the design of nails for 2018, made in the form of a jacket. It is possible to note such actual trends used in its application:

Drawings on nails 2018

Make a manicure is unique if you apply fashion drawings on nails 2018. There are such variations that are popular among women of all ages:

Matte nails for 2018

Girls can look very feminine and elegant, if you choose beautiful nails 2018, made with a matte finish. There are such variations of its application:

Design of nails broken glass 2018

The use of certain techniques allows you to make an incredibly stylish nail design 2018. One of them is broken glass, for it is characterized by such distinctive characteristics:

Mirror nails 2018

The ideal solution for an evening out will be the use of a coating that has a mirror effect. There are such variations of its application:

Design of nails 2018 with rhinestones

Festive and elegant look nails with rhinestones 2018, which are presented in different variations of design, among which you can note the following:

Bright nails 2018

The design of stylish nails 2018, executed with the help of varnishes of bright colors, will be catchy and memorable. There are such variations of its design: