Color of mint in clothes

Universality ... how often girls are looking for something that can provide them. If we are talking about clothes, then the color of green mint and is universal, because it goes to all the fair sex. Of course, you need to choose the right shade. Here is a simple rule: the darker the skin color and hair, the lighter the mint color should be. Attach a thing to yourself and look in the mirror. The look became more expressive, and the skin acquired a beautiful shade? Hence, this shade of mint color in clothes is worth giving preference.

Optimal color combinations

Which color is best mixed with mint? Stylists focus on black, beige, white, coral, peach. An interesting combination of mint color in clothes will be obtained if you dilute the image in dark blue, brown or pink. Do not be up to your head to put on a mint and pick up accessories in a tone. You risk being ridiculous and tasteless. Girls who want to add even more tenderness and charm to the image, stylists recommend paying attention to the combination of mint and white. So, a minty short dress with a white blazer looks great! No less impressive is a mix of mint with milky white and ivory color. The absence of a sharp contrast makes the image soft, elegant, attractive. If the combination with white is more suitable for romantic walks, the mix of mint and black makes it possible to bring to the ensemble a note of rigor and restraint.

With what to wear clothes of color of mint it is not necessary?

Calling juicy colors in combination with mint can visually overload the image. If you want brightness, choose the accents of mint, yellow, green or orange, taking into account their belonging to warm or cold scale.