Curved monitor - what gives and is it convenient to use it?

Evolution rules even in the world of technology, a modern curved monitor is the ideal screen shape from the point of view of ergonomics. With it, you can experience a completely new level of comfort, enjoy an incredibly realistic image compared to any other type of display.

What gives the curved screen of the monitor?

The new-fashioned curved screen repeats the natural form of the human eye, thereby blocking the natural field of view. The display creates the effect of a full and deep immersion in the image. The center and edges of the monitor are at the same distance from the eyes, which increases the convenience of viewing and reduces the burden on the eyesight. The display helps to look at the familiar content in a new way, pushes the boundaries of the possible, offers the viewer a new evolving reality. The decision is whether to buy a curved monitor is easier to take, having studied its advantages and disadvantages.

Curved monitor - pros and cons

Before acquiring any technical novelty it is important to get acquainted with its features, pros and cons. Advantages of a curved monitor:

  1. Full immersion in the image. The streamlined picture provides the effect of a comprehensive presence in the thick of events on the screen. The maximum manifestation of the property reaches on displays with a diagonal of more than 55 ".
  2. When viewing a standard picture, it gives the impression of viewing a 3D 3D image, which is caused by the depth of the image projected on the display.
  3. Contrast and color reproduction do not lose their clarity and brightness. To the highest degree, this applies to products with a resolution of 4K.
  4. Reduction of reflection. The curved surface of the display changes the angle of refraction of the light rays, thereby reducing glare.
  5. Suitable for movies and games.
  6. A beautiful design solution - the display looks futuristic in the interior.

There are also disadvantages to the curved monitor:

  1. The main disadvantage is that the comfortable viewing area is located in the center of the screen. The viewers, located on the side, will observe what is happening at uncomfortable viewing angles with optical distortion.
  2. More overall than flat.
  3. High cost - distortion of the screen is more expensive.

Is the curved monitor convenient?

Modern monitor with curved screen has a feature - it is comfortable for viewing only the center line. To achieve maximum "immersion", a person should sit in the middle at such a distance that the screen closes 40% of his field of vision. For 55 "this distance is 2-3 m. Then to plunge into what is happening on the screen to the viewer will be as convenient as possible.

Game curved monitor - which is better

Popular curved monitors for computer gamers, they help to completely immerse themselves in the virtual world, expanding the field of view to the viewer - it gets to the very center of what is happening. When choosing it is important to find a reliable manufacturer and pay attention to the display parameters:

  1. Diagonal, optimal 20-27. "With this size, the eye can easily cover the entire space.
  2. Display proportions, popular - from 16: 9 to 21: 9. This is a rectangular shape of the screen, convenient to play or comfortably watch movies.
  3. Response time. Often is 2-5 ms, a higher value is fraught with lubrication in dynamic scenes.
  4. Update frequency. Responsible for the number of frames per second, the norm is 120-144 Hz.
  5. Resolution, the more, the better. Options:

Curved monitor LG

Modern gaming monitors LG are represented by a ruler with 29-, 34-, 38-inch models and a format of 21: 9. The design of the case is laconic, frameless. The curved LG game monitor is mounted on a pedestal and is easily suspended on the wall. The products are equipped with a flickering fast matrix of its own production IPS with transmission of images without color distortion.

The response time of 1 ms in large models is responsible for the smoothness of the image. In the products are configured several picture modes, based on the specifics of the game genre. The Black Stabilizer Black Stabilizer helps to detect enemies hiding in the dark. The monitor is equipped with stereo speakers in 2 or 4 points, contributing to a complete immersion in the game process.

Curved Samsung monitor

Samsung is the leader in the production of curved (curved) monitors, representing models ranging from 23.5 "to 34" basic or premium. The advanced panels with a radius of curvature of 1800-4000R provide a panoramic view, full immersion in the game or film. A high contrast ratio of 3000: 1 emphasizes colors (including black) even in low-light scenes.

Curved Samsung gaming monitor is equipped with advanced 4-channel scanning, synchronizing the activation and deactivation of LED backlight, reducing blurriness of the image. The products use the Eye Saver Mode, which reduces eye strain by reducing the intensity of the blue glow. Flicker Free technology prevents flicker of the screen.

Curved AOC Monitor

A survey of curved monitors is incomplete without mentioning the firm AOC, which attracts a frameless design and a low price. The manufacturer in the Gaming series produces displays for gamers with a screen diagonal from 22 "to 35" with a screen refresh rate of 75 to 160Hz, are available in the arsenal and models with a response time of 1 ms. The products are equipped with built-in synchronization systems with a video card. Technology Flicker Free, leveling flicker, protects the eyesight, and the 4-step mode of the matrix OverDrive makes the scenes smooth and eliminates the hang of the picture.