Gatsby style dresses

A magnificent time, wrapped in a jazz melody - the "golden twenties"! You can be inspired by the atmosphere of those times, after watching the colorful adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby". It is the flowering of great fun, the birth of a new woman: glamorous and liberated. Attracting 20th attract modernity. Parties and weddings in the style of Gatsby are becoming more popular. The spirit of that time recreates the elegant costumes of men and the stunning dresses of women. What is it, the dress of the great Gatsby?

Spectacular exhibition of costumes by Catherine Martin and Miucci Prada for "Gatsby" was presented in many cities around the world. Against the backdrop of bright scenes from the Hollywood tape, breathtaking dresses from the movie "The Great Gatsby" were stunning. Frozen luxury struck visitors: the decor with crystals, natural fur, feathers and rich embroidery. Parade of glamor and chic!

Plunge into the wonderful past, make yourself a gift - a dress in the style of the great Gatsby. A stylized party with dancing and champagne will be an excellent occasion to wear it. It does not matter if such an invitation has not yet been received. Arrange your holiday in the style of "roaring 20": New Year's party, birthday - choose any excuse. Let all the guests wear costumes and dresses in the style of the "Great Gatsby".

Features of Gatsby Dress

All the clothes of Gatsby's time are characterized by smooth silhouettes. The dress of the 20's is a free silhouette, an understated waistline, an impressive neckline in front. Often this dress completely reveals the back or shoulder. Popular models on straps. Unbelievably fashionable are soft creases and pleating, oblique flounces and trails, on the low waist, the belt-tie effectively "sits". And, of course, the addition to this dress was shawls and boas. Do not forget that the 20th is the time of unrestrained parties with dances. An exciting movement helps to create flowing fabrics, from which the dresses are sewn, and also the "dancing" fringe. Finishing is magnificent: feathers, stones, embroidery, sequins.

The image is complemented by accessories. A string of pearls or an ornament with "diamonds", a miniature handbag. A fashionable bonnet hat is not necessary to wear, but you should pay attention to your hair. Make a "wave" and decorate your head in the style of the 20's.

Look carefully at the photo gallery of the dresses from the "Great Gatsby". Do you feel your feet begin to dance softly? The flamboyant beauty of those times smoked cigarettes, dramatically blew smoke, changed men like gloves and danced until I fell. Whether it is worth taking with such an example, you decide. But be sure to give yourself a small, but memorable excursion to the passionate twenties ... at least for one evening.