Child restraint device Fast

Today most families already have cars. This is convenient when you need to quickly take a child to a clinic or to classes. But with the increase in the number of cars, the number of accidents also grows. And most of all children suffer in them, as safety measures in all modern cars are designed only for adults. Therefore, according to modern traffic rules, it is possible to transport a child under 12 years in a car only using a child car seat or a special seat belt adapter. One of the best now is the child restraint device Fest, developed by a Russian specialist. It is designed for children who weigh from 9 to 36 kilograms. This means that you can safely transport your child from 3 to 12 years using it.

Features of child restraints Fast

Fest has obvious advantages:

  1. Compactness . Such a device can fit even in the glove compartment of the car. This allows you to use it only when you are transporting a child. At other times this small structure can be hidden, and it will not disturb you. Thanks to this adapter can be purchased by any driver, who at least occasionally carries children.
  2. Affordable price . Compared to a car seat, a special child restraint device called Fast has an acceptable cost.
  3. Ease of use . Install, adjust and then remove the adapter from the strap is very simple and this process does not take much time.
  4. Certification . Child restraint device is allowed for use. It ensures the safety of the baby in case of sudden braking or an accident.
  5. High performance. It is made of soft natural fabrics, very durable and will last a long time.

Instructions for use of the child restraint device Fast

The seat belt adapter is an elastic strap for trapezoidal belts. It is soft in places of contact with the body and securely fixed. The device is designed for use with standard seat belts and is fixed in three points, which ensures the safety of the baby. Before use, it needs to be adjusted to suit its growth. The buttons with which the child restraint fastener fastens, ensure its secure attachment to the seat belts. This adapter is needed in order to lower the upper strap to the level that it lay on the child's shoulder and does not crash into the neck. At the same time, a little bit of the lower belt rises and, when braking, does not cut into the bottom of the abdomen. For small children weighing up to 18 kilograms this device is released with additional straps that wrap around the baby's thighs. This excludes diving under the seat belt during braking.

What can not be done with the adapter?


The child restraint is certified and approved for use in our country. Each mother, having such an adapter in her purse, can be sure that any taxi driver will give her a ride with a small child. Otherwise, the driver has no right to put such a passenger into the car. But with a child restraint device, you can not be afraid of traffic police. But not only for this, parents need to acquire it. It will help to ensure the safety of your baby and reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.