Blake Lively in the robes of the prisoner played with the eldest daughter at the prison walls

Being a popular actress, 30-year-old Blake Lively, who has two daughters, tries to combine work and motherhood. In breaks on the set, she spends her free time with 2-year-old James.

Acting weekdays

Residents of Toronto could observe an unusual picture - a woman very similar to the popular actress Blake Lively, dressed in a bright orange robe, came along with a small curly little girl.

Blake Lively with her daughter

Now Lively is really in Canada, starring in the new Paul Feig film "Simple Favorite". The eldest daughter of actress and Ryan Reynolds recently visited her stellar mother on the set.

Paparazzi captured a charming couple during a small excursion, which Blake arranged for her daughter. The celebrity, holding blond James in her arms, introduced her to her colleagues, after which the mother and daughter played, sitting on the grass, by the fence of the prison, where Lively's heroine is serving the sentence, touching passers-by.

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Intriguing plot

Film fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of a criminal thriller, based on Darcy Bell's book The Simple Favorite, where, besides Lively, Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding are filming.

Single mom blogger Stephanie Ward is trying to figure out the disappearance of her best friend Emily Nelson, played by Blake, suspecting that something tragic has happened to her. Comforting the inconsolable husband of a friend, she finds out that Emily's family life is not as ideal as she thought ... The creators of the picture assure that the plot of the film will keep spectators in suspense until the last frame.