This fall, Kelly Clarkson will become the mother of the second baby

While the Hollywood passions are raging around a possible pregnancy Kylie Kardashian, the Clarkson-Blackstock couple will become parents of the second baby this fall.

"What does not kill us, makes us stronger" sang Kelly in the hit "Stronger"

The difficulties faced by the singer during the first pregnancy, strongly affected her creativity and health. Complications with voice and hormonal problems forced for half a year to forget about concert activities and recordings of new songs. In one of the candid interviews, she put an end to the work and decided to engage in charity. As Kelly said, "tears and wine" were her constant companions throughout this time.

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Thanks to the support of the spouse of Brandon Blackstock and daughter Rose, born in June 2014, Kelly was able to revive the faith in herself and open up new forces. A stunning voice, a radiant smile already in the spring of 2015 pleased us. Now Kelly Clarkson again touring, insanely happy and very careful. Hit "Stronger" confirms that Kelly is not broken, but ready for new victories and hits.