Emma Watson tried to enlist in the sect

The story of the scandalous affair of the sect NXIVM and its top, which dealt with trafficking in women, continues to gain momentum. It turned out that Emma Watson almost became a sex slave of an evil cult.

The tricky trap

Last week, following the arrest in March of the founder of the Nexiam community, whose criminal activities were interested in the FBI, Kean Ranier and his testimony were taken into custody by Allison Mack, who the audience knows on the television series "Smallville's Secrets".

Allison Mack
Keith Ranier

Earlier the investigation found out that the actress was Ranier's right hand. She urged women to join the JNess organization associated with the NXIVM, promising them such a fashionable self-development, where they were brainwashed, then branded, used the slave labor of their victims and forced them to enter into intimate relationships.


Colleagues on the shop

A few days ago, Western media reported that Ellison was trying to lure Emmy Watson and Kelly Clarkson into the sect known for their feminist convictions. 35-year-old Mack literally fell asleep 28-year-old Watson and 36-year-old Clarkson offers to talk about the "amazing women's movement."

So, in 2016 Ellison on Twitter wrote a message to the performer of the role of Hermione Granger:

"I think we could cooperate. Let me know if you want to talk. "
Emma Watson

Fortunately, Watson felt a catch or was very busy with work and did not respond to any of her colleague's tweets.

Kelly Clarkson

Avoiding the fate of becoming a recruit of Nexiam and Kelly Clarkson. The singer received almost the same message with praises and an offer to chat heart to heart.

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On Monday, Samia Shoab, who starred in The Sixth Sense and Requiem for a Dream, herself stated that Mack was very cleverly trying to convince her to become part of the NXIVM, calling her "a delicious woman." Learning that the Shoab, who looks beautiful, for 47 years, the recruiter immediately lost interest in her, seeking slaves younger.

Samia Shoab