Beta-alanine with menopause

Climax in many women is not simply associated with a decrease in the body level of estrogen and progesterone, but also with the restructuring of all organs and systems. During the climax, old chronic diseases worsen and new ones appear.

But menopause has its own symptoms, such as hot flashes, palpitations, night sweats, frequent mood changes. And with a severe course of menopause to combat these symptoms, the doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy with female sex hormones, which have many side effects and contraindications.

Also for the removal of symptoms can use non-hormonal phytoestrogens, which act like hormones, but they also have contraindications similar. But symptomatic therapy, for example, treatment of hot flashes, can be used where substitution therapy can not be used, and other non-hormonal drugs to remove symptoms of menopause are quite effective.

Beta-alanine in menopause: use

Most often in the treatment of menopause, it is necessary to select drugs that can fight with vasomotor manifestations that are caused by abnormalities in the work of the thermoregulatory center in the hypothalamus due to a decrease in the production of the sex hormones by the ovaries.

One of the most commonly used for the treatment of hot flushes with menopause medications is the Qi-enema and Krimalanin. Tablets from menopause with this name contain the active substance beta-alanine, which does not simultaneously release a large amount of histamine that causes the expansion of peripheral vessels of the skin.

Beta-alanine blocks the histamine H1 receptors, which means it prevents the symptoms associated with the release of histamine and vasodilation: hot flushes, headache, sweating, so the main indication for Krimalanin is the hot flushes with menopause .

Apply the drug for 1-2 tablets during the day (depending on the severity of the symptoms of menopause, the dose can be increased to 3 tablets per day). Each tablet contains up to 400 mg of active ingredient beta-alanine and excipients as fillers. The course of treatment Krimalaninom can last on average 5-10 days, until the tides completely disappear.

If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated: there is no getting used to this drug. As with all drugs, allergic reactions to components, in particular, beta-alanine, are a contraindication to its administration.