How to increase libido in menopause?

One of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause is a decrease in sexual desire, or libido. And it's not just about changing the hormonal background.

Climax and libido

The decrease in libido after menopause has a predominantly psychological nature. Realizing the fact that she can no longer become a mother, a woman begins to await with horror the onset of old age. At the same time, she is sure that the natural physiological changes in her body lead to a decrease in her attractiveness and begins to move away from her husband, denying herself and him sex.

In addition, to reduce the sex drive with menopause, and the fact that a woman feels that her partner is no longer attractive sexually, as before.

To cause a decrease in libido with menopause may be purely medical problems (omission of the vagina, prolapse of the uterus , incontinence). Often the shame experienced by a woman in connection with these problems before a partner, makes her forget about sexual life.

How to resume sexual desire with menopause?

To increase libido in menopause, a woman must take a number of measures.

  1. You should try to enjoy the proximity with the partner on an emotional level. Then the problems of physical aging will recede into the background, and at the first come mutual love and pleasure.
  2. Physical activity contributes to the awakening of libido and helps a woman to feel attractive.
  3. If a woman feels that she has gained weight, then she should adjust her diet to return to the state in which she felt comfortable.
  4. Help increase the sexual attraction of yoga. To succeed with breathing techniques, you need to do the exercises at least several times a week.
  5. Help to cope with the problem of the return of sexual desire can help all known Kegel exercises , aimed at maintaining the tone of the pelvic floor muscles.
  6. In addition, a woman should not forget to share feelings with her partner and do not forget to be interested in his feelings, in order to achieve harmony in sexual relations.