Beautiful evening dresses - 34 photos of luxury models for every taste

To attend solemn events, the red carpet or graduation party, an outfit is required. For such cases, beautiful evening dresses are best. Correctly chosen model will make any girl a princess. In all design shows there are excellent options, you just need to be able to notice them.

Beautiful evening dresses 2018

The graduation ball is a magical night for every girl. Long before the graduation she begins to represent her ideal image. He thinks about what makeup will be, what hair, shoes, ornaments. The girls dream of all these things, but the main thing is to study what beautiful evening dresses at the graduation year 2018 are offered by designers and choose for themselves suitable. The dress can be long, short or medium length, with sleeves, sleeveless, one shoulder . It is important that it is appropriate for the case for which it was chosen.

Beautiful long evening dresses

Choose a dress is often difficult. It should ideally fit the body type, improve the appearance and tone of the skin. Choosing the right cutout does not make the task easier. Long evening dresses are suitable for women of all types of figures, the main thing is to choose the style of the dress. A beautiful evening dress in the floor looks attractive in bright shades of red, blue, black. Stiletto heels and long earrings decorate the image, and an elegant clutch will give it a complete look. In fashion, now lace and embroidery with beads and pearls.

Beautiful evening dresses to the knee

Some girls prefer to wear short models for celebrations. In them they feel more natural. Beautiful evening dresses for girls to the knee in beauty are not inferior to long ones. The red lace dress of Zuhair Murat with open shoulders, decorated with red silk fringe, will not leave anyone indifferent. A girl in a white silk dress Dior with a silver mesh with beads will not go unnoticed.

Beautiful short evening dresses

A tall, slender girl will wear short dresses that will give them the opportunity to show off their magnificent long legs. Small women can also choose a short option, but it must necessarily emphasize the waist. Strengthen the effect will help shoes with high heels. The most beautiful evening dresses 2018 are made of chiffon, satin, lace or organza. Their fashion is no less intricate than that of long dresses. There is also embroidery, appliqué, beautiful cutouts, open shoulders , a sketch line of the bottom of the skirt.

Fashionable beautiful evening dresses

Evening dress is an investment in a women's wardrobe. Such a thing is capable of providing a great evening, it is a happy opportunity for a young woman to feel glamorous. It's always nice to look at the beautiful styles of evening dresses. Ballroom dress should instill a sense of joy and optimism in its owner, and on others to make an indelible impression. Color plays a big role. Always in fashion classic: black, royal blue, red and burgundy. A distinctive feature of this year is the metallic luster.

Beautiful evening dress with sleeves

Evening dress should transform a woman into a beauty, inspire confidence, emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. This year, designers have offered fashionable beautiful evening dresses with long sleeves. This is not just an element of the product. Sleeves are able to decorate the most simple dress. They can be made of lace or have an unusual shape. In the coming season, preference is given to dresses with long sleeves.

Beautiful Lovely Evening Dresses

Each girl, going to the ball, recalls Cinderella, and in her head comes up a dress with a lush skirt. Very beautiful evening dresses in this style are presented in the collections of Couture 2018. Lush dresses can be short or long. A short dress is a cocktail dress. Very often dresses with wide skirts are sewn with a corset that emphasizes the waist and visually enlarges a small breast. Accessories need to be selected carefully, improperly selected jewelry can completely spoil the impression.

Beautiful evening dresses with train

Not everyone can wear a dress with a train. This outfit is very exacting to its owner. The most beautiful evening dresses are worn by celebrities to enter the red carpet. This year, at the awards ceremonies, there were many beautiful evening dresses, but among the outfits with trains there were two particularly prominent ones:

  1. Lady Gaga . She arrived at the ceremony of Grammy 2018 in a black laced tight overall with a sweeping wide skirt with a train of incredible size.
  2. Halle Berry . The actress stunned everyone on Oscar with her fantastic dress with a train . She looked very natural in it, despite the complexity of the style.

A beautiful tight evening dress

Evening dress is an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe. Young girls and women with a good, slender figure want to demonstrate their dignity. A tight dress is very suitable for this. Many beautiful evening dresses for women have such a silhouette. The length can be any. If the dress is long, then it will have either an incision or a shuttle at the bottom of the skirt (a mermaid dress), so that you can move around in it. Such dresses are monochrome, and they are decorated with either beautiful cutouts or an open back.

Beautiful evening dress with a cut

Most of the beautiful evening dresses have a cut on the skirt. He makes the image more relaxed and seductive. Its length is of great importance. Many girls choose beautiful dresses for the evening with a high incision. They can be strapless, with a V-neck, with an open back or have a simple elegant cut of a tight silhouette. Dresses with a high cut are ideal for any occasion: graduation ball, New Year party and a red carpet trip. They can have both a wide and narrow skirt.

Beautiful evening dresses with rhinestones

Hollywood glamor is always in fashion. The dress, sparkling with rhinestones, fully corresponds to this style. When studying the collections of the Spring 2018, the use of glossy fabrics or the embroidered elements of dresses embroidered with jewels and sparkles strikes the eye. Such a decision can make a queen of the ball out of a woman. Best of all, the beauty is shown by a beautiful black evening dress. It is like a canvas, on which the stars in the sky sparkle with rhinestones. This side does not need to have an intricate style. The main focus is on rhinestones.

Beautiful evening dresses for complete

There is a misconception that girls with lush forms can not look attractive. Beautiful evening dresses, chosen correctly, work wonders. They are able to emphasize virtues and hide faults, if to their choice to approach with the mind. It is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  1. The cut of the dress should be aimed at pulling out the silhouette. This is facilitated by a V-shaped cutout, all sorts of vertical lines and inserts. If the waist is not expressed explicitly, you can choose a dress with an overstated waist and flared skirt , which will hide the wide hips. Beautiful evening dresses for fat women often have the appearance of chitons, which gives an image of romance.
  2. The fabric should be dense and sound. It is possible to combine several tissues. For example, beautiful evening dresses for full girls with a bodice made of dense taffeta and a skirt of multi-layered chiffon will give the image an air of lightness.

Beautiful evening dresses for women of 40 years old

Many modern women in 40 years look young and have good figures, but even in this case, do not dress too young. Remember the status. After all, such beautiful evening dresses are not necessary for a graduation party. They can afford at this age almost any style:

  1. Lacy dresses, but not transparent, but on the lining.
  2. Beautiful evening dresses with an open back are allowed, but the cutout should not be too deep, or even better, if it is decorated with chiffon or lace.

The desire to look good for a woman at any age. The older she becomes, the more restrained and elegant her clothing should become. Beautiful evening dresses for women of 50 years do not imply high cuts, very short skirts or transparency. They do not have to be fanciful, one or at most two details for dressing. At this age, a woman knows all her strengths and weaknesses, a dress should decorate her.