Crafts for eggs

Around us is a mass of seemingly unnecessary items from which you can make interesting little things that decorate the interior. We suggest you together with your child try to decorate your house with handicrafts from egg boxes.

Crafts from egg packing

To begin with, as always, we offer the simplest option to enter into the taste of work.

Caterpillar from egg package

Here everything is quite simple.

You will need:

Let's get to work:

  1. Rinse the package well and let it dry.
  2. Cut one strip and ask the child to completely paint over it. Let him create and paint his caterpillar as he wants.
  3. When the paint dries, attach your mouth and eyes to your place.

Everything, the caterpillar is ready. If you want, then make her antennae ears made of wire, on the tips of which you can also place peas from plasticine.

Flowers from the packaging of eggs

From the egg package you can get excellent bouquets of flowers.

You will need:

Let's get to work:

  1. From the egg package we cut a compartment for one testicle. This will be the basis of your tulip flower. Cut out such blanks as much as you want to see the flowers in the bouquet.
  2. Paint your future colors with colors. The choice of color and style depends entirely on your tastes and desires. Allow the flowers to dry well.
  3. Make a hole in the bottom of each bud, into which then insert any desired twig of an artificial flower.
  4. Take the wooden skewers and hide them among the artificial flowers, firmly fixing it all with ribbon.

As you can see, even ordinary, inconspicuous cardboard packages can be turned into bright and interesting works.