What is warmer - a down jacket or a sheepskin coat?

On the eve of winter, girls begin to choose outerwear. On the one hand, modern variety facilitates the task of women of fashion, on the other, makes it more difficult. What to give preference to - a sheepskin coat or a down jacket, that it will be better to warm, will give less problems on leaving?

Winter down jackets or sheepskin coats: advantages and disadvantages

The ideal option can be considered one when you can afford both items in your wardrobe. But before the choice should not pass, you just need to consider all the pros and cons of both kinds of clothes.

Pros of down jacket:

The main disadvantage of the down jacket is the difficulty in care. Many girls are familiar with situations when a beautiful and beloved down jacket "loses weight" after washing, fluff rolls down and ceases to fulfill its main task. By the way, the down jacket can not boast of a solid appearance, except that with the exception of expensive models.

Pros of sheepskin coat:

Cons of sheepskin coat:

Sheepskin coat or down jacket - what is better and warmer?

Thus, both options are well suited for Russian winter, so you need to be guided by your own preferences, and also rely on the style of things in your wardrobe. I want to feel like a respectable, fashionable lady, to hint about my well-being - get a sheepskin coat. In it you can go to work, go for a walk on weekends for shopping or a park. To such a thing, you need to find the appropriate shoes on high or small heels.

If you want to emphasize your activity, vigor, if your style is free and creative, then it's better to buy a stylish down jacket . By the way, they are often decorated with fur, interesting accessories, so you will not look in it kuzso or unnoticed.

By the way, some girls, choosing what to wear in winter a sheepskin coat or a leather down jacket, give preference to the latter because of the simplicity of care and the original look.