Basturma of beef at home

All, probably, tried an incredibly tasty meat delicacy called basturma. But it can be cooked at home if desired. For those who are ready for this responsible step, we offer recipes for this original and piquant delicacy.

Basturma of beef in Armenian at home - recipe



Preparation of basturma from beef is a long process, but not at all laborious. Most of the time is spent on the course of natural processes, which, with the help of the smallest intervention on our part, turn the meat slice into a real delicacy.

We choose beef fillet without films and veins for basturma. Cut the meat into four oblong and narrow slices. Do not forget to wash it before that. Next, we prepare a brine, the so-called brine. To do this, pour water into the container, put a raw chicken egg into it and begin to dissolve in small portions not iodized salt. As soon as the egg emerges to the surface and forms a circle with the size of a five-kopeck coin protruding from its part, stop adding salt, and immerse the pieces of beef in salt water. Cover the dishes with a lid and place in the refrigerator for five days.

After a while, we take the meat out of the brine and dip it into clean water for five hours, every half hour changing the water to clean water. Then we dry the meat pieces with a paper towel and wrap it for one hour with a clean cloth cut. After the time has elapsed, we change the fabric to clean and place the beef under the press for four days. At the same time every day, remove the old cloth and wrap the meat clean.

After this, we make a small cut on one side of the meat bars and hang the meat for five days, wrapping it with gauze. Now came the turn of spices for the beef basturma. Mix the chaman, ground coriander, chilli, caraway seeds and sweet paprika in the bowl, fill it with water and stir until it turns out like a thick sour cream. Cover the mixture with a lid and place it in the refrigerator for twelve hours.

We carefully spread the pieces of beef obtained with spicy breading so that it completely covers their surface evenly and we hang it for another seven days. After a while, a delicious basturma will be ready for use.

Basturma from beef - recipe with garlic



Beef tenderloin is cut into two parts, rubbed with a mixture of salt and granulated sugar, placed in an enamel or glass container and left for six hours at room conditions, and then put on a day in the fridge, periodically turning the slices to another barrel. Then we wash the meat from salt under running water, dry it with napkins and let it dry for 24 hours in a draft, wrapping it with a clean cloth or gauze cut. Then wrap the pieces with a new cloth, bind them with a tourniquet and stir under the press for a day.

Now, peeled and pounded garlic is mixed with ground spices from the list of ingredients until a thick paste-like mass is obtained, we cover the meat in three sets, drying each layer, and then we hang it for drying for ten days.

After a while, cut the basturma with thin slices and enjoy.