Barbs - reproduction

One of the most common aquarium fish is a barbeque . For sure, many of us have watched these beautiful and nimble aquarium inhabitants, although not everyone had to see the reproduction of barbs at home.

This process is not much different from the "procreation" of other fish. However, it has some features that every owner of a home water world needs to know. You will get acquainted with some of them in our article.

Reproduction of barbs in a common aquarium

Actually, keeping this type of fish at home is not so difficult. But, as practice has shown, it is easiest to reproduce and grow a barbeque with a fiery and black color.

The water temperature should be at least 26 degrees. In order for the marriage games to be safer, for the reproduction period of the barbs in the common aquarium, several additional live plants and special bastards should be placed in which the females are most likely to throw eggs.

The whole process begins with the fact that the females and males sit down for a while. Then it is necessary to prepare the aquarium for spawning by filling it with tap water or rain water and sprinkle with a fine sifted layer of 1-2 cm. The acidity of the water should not be more than 6.7. For the period of reproduction of barbs, the illumination of the aquarium should be made muffled.

When the fish are ready for spawning, you can start the males and females alternately in the aquarium. If you notice that some male is too chasing his "lady", he should be set off. To multiply a barbeque in a common aquarium, it is enough to have 7-8 females and 5-6 males.

After mating games, females can start to throw glass-transparent eggs directly into the water column or plants. After them, males go and fertilize the laid eggs with their seeds. The whole process of spawning, in general, takes about an hour. After 24 hours there will be tiny fry that hold onto the plants, and after 5 days you will be able to see the floating aquarium in the aquarium.