Bags - Spring-Summer 2014

Most of the images look incomplete without jewelry and accessories - beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings or pendants, scarves or gloves and, of course, bags. It is the bag is the most popular, almost indispensable for modern girls accessory. And in fact - we go to the office for work or for shopping, for a party or a cafe with friends - the bag is always part of our image.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014 offers us bags of various shapes and sizes - from miniature clutches to huge bowlers. In this article, we'll talk about the fashionable bags of the spring of 2014.

Women's Bags Spring 2014

For everyday images this spring, you can use almost any bag. The main thing is the correspondence of the color and style of the bag to the image as a whole.

Particularly relevant this year are bags made of natural or artificial leather. In this case, their color can be very different - classic black, beige, red and white bags are popular in the same way as mint-green, tender pink, bright-lilac or neon-blue. Figures and prints are also in trend, especially animalistic, floral, ethnic and geometric motifs.

The business image requires more stringent bags - square or rectangular fits best. At the same time, the requirements for color in this season are more democratic than always - not only classical colors are allowed, but also more vivid options - emerald, violet, yellow. The higher your position, the more colorful bag you can afford.

Evening image requires that the bag was smart. Bulky bag-trunks in this case are not very appropriate. Prefer a clutch or a small handbag on a thin strap or chain. It is best if the evening bag is decorated with a bright, original decor - paillettes, embroidery, appliqu├ęs, contrasting inserts. Its color can be either similar or contrasting with respect to the basic color of the image.

Rules for the care of leather bags

Choosing bags in the spring of 2014, pay attention not only to matching fashion trends, but also to the material from which the bag is made, as well as the quality of making seams, lightnings, and other fasteners.

To a leather bag has served you more than one season, do not ignore the rules of skin care:

Examples of stylish bags for the spring of 2014 are presented in our gallery.