Anonymizer - what is it and how to use it?

The ability to be unrecognized, hiding under a different IP address, attracts many users on the network. Initially, these programs were used to preserve the confidentiality of information, and later acquired other functions. Anonymizer - what it is and how to use it, will be told in this article.

Anonymizer - what is this?

Anonymous services hide information about a computer or user on the local network from a remote server . This is very convenient if the sites for entertainment or communication are blocked from the employees of the company where they work, at the initiative of the management. Or, the user just does not want to be "calculated" and sweeps out traces thus preventing the transmission of data about himself to the competent authorities. However, as practice shows, with the help of local providers, the true location of the "hidden" is easy to determine if you use MAC addresses.

Anonymizer - the principle of work

It is clear what the meaning of such a program as anonymizer is, what it is, it is easy to understand if you understand the essence of the work. In general, they play the role of an intermediary between the user's computer and the resource that he wants to visit. Login through the anonymizer is as follows:

  1. The user finds a site that provides the anonymizer service.
  2. Stamps in the address bar the address of the page on the Internet, which interests him.
  3. At this time, the page is downloaded and processed by an anonymizer.
  4. The user presses the GO button and hits the page not from his IP, but from the IP proxy server.

What is the difference between anonymizer and VPN?

Unfortunately, the use of anonymizers is fraught with various problems - the speed of loading pages decreases, and the site itself may look different, and some of its functions will be completely unavailable. In addition, when installing the program, you can "pick up" the virus, and the risk of stealing passwords and other personal information remains. Here such shortcomings has anonymizer, VPN is deprived of them. This app:

  1. Encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic.
  2. Displays sites correctly and at high speed.
  3. It is convenient to use and can work not only on computers, but also mobile devices.
  4. Safe for downloading torrents .
  5. Has access to content in a variety of countries.
  6. Paid, unlike the usual anonymizers.

How can I replace the anonymizer?

These devices for anonymity are represented by proxy servers and Web sites. The latter have won the most popularity, because their installation does not require additional software and settings. In addition to the above-described VPN application, that is, a virtual private network, there is also a special Tor browser, with the presence of which there is no need to use anonymizer. He himself is an open anonymizer and serves as a web browser.

Which anonymizer to choose?

There are a variety of servers and special applications that are adapted to specific web resources.

  1. For example, for a Yandex browser it's friGate, and for social networks like "Classmates" and "VKontakte" is
  2. In the light of recent events in Ukraine, users have become active clients of the online service This is the best anonymizer to date, providing an opportunity to easily visit news sites and popular networks, even without the introduction of their address.
  3. The popular online services include the "Chameleon". His clients are scattered throughout the post-Soviet space and with his help conduct safe surfing on the Internet. This site has no restrictions on access, and it can be exploited for as long as you like. In the address bar, it displays a meaningless set of letters, symbols and numbers, and after the introduction of its registration data it directs where it is needed.

How to put anonymizer?

Proxy servers and Web sites do not require installation. It is recommended to test the anonymizer before use by hooking your real IP address into the search bar. If the system changes it, and it does not coincide with the real one, then it is a reliable anonymizer and can be used for its intended purpose. You can install the Tor Browser anonymizer as follows:

  1. Download program.
  2. Start unpacking.
  3. Specify the folder where the browser will be located. It can also be launched from an external storage device - a flash drive and an external hard drive.
  4. Opening the browser is accompanied by the appearance of a window for connecting to a secure network.
  5. The user is anonymous, and his data is encrypted.

How to delete anonymizer?

Sometimes the program used is a virus, trojan, advertisement, or spy utility, which can and should be removed. To begin with, using the Wyndos set-up, you need to find the cause of the problems and, using the update on the manufacturer's website, update Anonymizer Software. If it turns out that the anonymizer program is not a Windows system file, you can uninstall it using the toolbar. In the future, it is recommended that you regularly check the security of your own computer to make sure there are no threats.