Food for brain

We pay a lot of attention to the satisfaction of physiological needs, but we do not think about food for the mind often. It is not a matter of weak intellectual abilities , but in our laziness - to stuff the mind with entertainment materials is much easier than to reflect on the book read. But what is food for the mind - just books or are there other sources of nutrition?

Useful food for the mind

A person constantly needs food and drink, information hunger also requires timely satisfaction. We are able to recognize poor-quality food for the body and mind, only in the first case this is much easier. True, there is a common symptom, combining both cases: malnutrition (except for obvious waste) looks more attractive than healthy food. Fast food for the mind can be very different, but the general principle is one - it is easily absorbed, almost no mental effort is required to assimilate it. Such food can be anything - Internet sites, magazines, television programs, computer games, etc. We swallow, the information coming from there, without any effort, the brain at this time is in a sleeping mode. Over time, mental stress is given more and more difficult, in the end we lose the ability to see the situation from different angles, we take every gossip for truth. As a result, a person from a thinking being turns into a simple repeater of someone else's opinion.

What then is a useful food for the mind, books ? Yes, but among them there can be information fast food. Do you think that romance novels, detectives and fantastic stories, all similar to each other, can serve as a charge for the mind? It's unlikely that it takes almost a month to write them, the authors simply do not have time to create something qualitative. You can say that the detectives do not belong here, they make you think. Yes it is, but subject to the availability of quality works, with the rest, the situation is the same as the scanwords - they have solved a couple, and all the others will not present any interest, all the answers will come automatically. Therefore, it is worth choosing literature that contributes to the thought process. For some, these are classical works of art, for some, scientific research, and for someone the philosophical doctrines are most difficult to give.

So choose a puzzle to your liking. The same applies to telecasts, Internet resources, and other sources of knowledge. Well, about the culture of perception of information should not be forgotten, if you do not have the habit of thinking through the book you read, then you will not find any food for the mind anywhere.