Kemer, Turkey - attractions

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is located the world famous resort town of Kemer. He is also the center of the province of Antalya . On the one hand Kemer is washed by the sea, and on the other, the Taurus mountains adjoin it.

In the distant past on this place was the Lycian village of Idrios. In those days, mudflows often descended from the mountains, bringing with it numerous destruction. To save their homes, in the early twentieth century, residents built a stone wall 23 kilometers long. In honor of this wall, which seems to encircle the mountains, the city was called Kemer, which in Turkish means "belt".

Today Kemer is one of the most picturesque resorts in Turkey, around which a lot of interesting sights are located.

Sights of Kemer - Goynuk

Between Kemer and Antalya is the plain of Goynuk, which in Turkish means "fertile valley in a sky-blue junction." This plain is famous for its pomegranate and orange gardens. Exotic oleanders, cacti, palms grow here. Goynuk surround Bedaglari - majestic mountains, in which the mountain river rises, the canyon of which is a unique natural monument: tourists from all over the world come to it.

Sights of Kemer - Beldibi

Not far from the city of Kemer is another tourist attraction of Turkey - Beldibi caves. This is a whole cave complex, which is located among coniferous forests. Since the Paleolithic times, people used these caves as a refuge from the weather and wild animals. In the caves of Beldibi were found many rock paintings, fragments of tools and household utensils. Any tourist who enters the caves, feels like a real archaeologist studying the history of the ancient world. By the way, near the cave there are several deep cliffs, so tourists should be especially careful here not to fall into this trap.

Sights of Kemer - Kirish

This village is one of the most popular and beautiful resorts of Kemer. In this green and cozy place on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey nature lovers will get real pleasure from communicating with the local scenic rocks and unspoilt beaches. The air is filled with pine and floral scents. The bright flowers and green lawns are pleased with the eye.

Not far from Kirish are the remains of the ancient city of Phaselis, where you can see the ruins of the temple of the goddess Athena and the god Hermes. In the necropolis there are many burial places, among which, according to legend, there is the grave of Alexander the Great. Visit the remains of an ancient aqueduct, which is a reservoir, located underground. To this day, the mystery of its construction remains unsolved. By the way, all these ruins are hidden among dense tropical vegetation.

In the vicinity of Kirishi there is an ancient mountain Olympos, or, as it is called now, Takhtaly - the highest point of Kemer. To its top you can reach the longest cable car in Europe. From the top of Tahtala a unique spectacle of the Kemer resort opens.

Sights of Kemer - Camyuva

To the south of Kemer there is one more settlement - the Chamyuva resort, the main attraction of which is the "paradise bay". Arriving at night on the beach of the village, go to the sea, and you will see how the water starts to glow. This is due to the many unique microorganisms living in the sea and emitting a specific liquid that glows when the water moves.

Camyuva is a real "village" resort, in which tourists and locals live a common life. Craftsmen craft craftsmen, which can be bought immediately. The village is buried in the luxury of coniferous forests and oranges.

And it's far from all the sights of Kemer, which are worth visiting, having arrived to Turkey!