A jumper with open shoulders - what to wear such a sweater with and how to create a stylish image?

Each fashionista wants to look feminine and attractive not only in the summer season, but also in the cold season. A jumper with open shoulders will become the subject of a wardrobe that will perfectly cope with this task and help create unmatched bows.

Fashionable cardigan with open shoulders

In many collections of famous designers of recent seasons there are fashionable jumpers with open shoulders. Models are very diverse, you can identify such characteristics that distinguish them:

Fashionable cardigan with open shoulders

Large knitted sweatshirt with open shoulders

Such a model as a knitted sweater with open shoulders can look not only exquisitely and delicately, but also correspond to the everyday style of kazhual. For this, the product made with the help of a large mating is ideal. It occurs in such variations:

Dress-jumper with open shoulders

A feminine and romantic image can be created by applying a dress-sweater with open shoulders. The advantages of this model are that it can be worn as an independent wardrobe item. There are such variations of combining it with other things:

Jumper with open shoulders and straps

Unbelievably spectacular looks jumper with open shoulders and straps, which act as a stylish addition and a highlight of the image. It is possible to note such characteristic features of this style:

Cardigan with open shoulders

Simply, laconically and simultaneously elegantly looks knitted cardigan with open shoulders, made with the help of English gum. He is characterized by such distinctive features:

Short-cut jumper with open shoulders

Demonstrate all the dignity of the figure is a short-cut jumper with open shoulders. There are such variations of its styles:

Sweatshirt with open shoulder

To create an image in the style of a crochet, a three-dimensional sweater with open shoulders is ideal. Its peculiarity is the simplicity of the model, which allows it to be used to create everyday bows, and at the same time a feminine trait, achieved by exposing the shoulder zone. The product is ideally combined with narrow skinny jeans or boyfriends.

Long cardigan with open shoulders

To give the image of femininity is capable of an elongated jumper with open shoulders. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

With what to wear a cardigan with open shoulders?

Girls who have filled up their wardrobe with a fashionable novelty, wonder: what to wear a sweater with open shoulders? Such a product can be called universal, it can be combined with many things, their selection will depend on the shape in which the top is presented. You can designate such variations of the combination:

  1. The elongated model, reminiscent of the dress, perfectly matches with long boots or boots . Under it you can wear warm tight pantyhose, but in some cases tight jeans, leggings or leggings are allowed.
  2. A truncated stylish cardigan with open shoulders can be worn with almost any bottom, it can be straight or flared skirts of any length, narrow, straight or flared trousers or jeans.
  3. Shoes are selected depending on the shape of the top and bottom. Mini skirts, midi, leggings, skins or a sweater dress can be supplemented with high boots or boots. If maxi skirts or flared trousers are used, it is better to choose shoes or boots with a low bootleg.
  4. Shoes fit any: with a heel, low-travel, wedge, platform, with a tractor sole.
  5. To the product, decorated with the help of complex patterns or the use of several colors, it is recommended to select the most laconic bottom. If the thing is connected with a simple English rubber band, then you can select the bottom containing all sorts of decor elements.

Female sweatshirt with open shoulders - images

The product can be used to create multiple images, for this particular items of the wardrobe are selected. Examples include common bows:

  1. With a sweater, you can create a business official bow, if you pull a strict shirt underneath. The gray cardigan with open shoulders will look particularly good in this case.
  2. A gentle and romantic bow will be obtained if you take the style "dress", for the manufacture of which soft threads of small thickness were taken. It can be worn as an independent thing, supplemented with tights and high boots on the heel.
  3. A sweater over-the-top with an open shoulders is a thing that can complement the everyday bow, dressing it with jeans , fitting legs or with boyfriends. It is better to avoid the "flare", since the image will turn out to be excessively cumbersome.
  4. Refined models, made with openwork viscous, can be worn at solemn events, complementing them with a bottom that has an exquisite cut and sewn from the appropriate fabrics. Particularly harmonious will look in this case products made with interspersed shiny threads.