A gift to a newborn girl - the best practical and original ideas

Choosing a gift for a newborn girl, it's easy to succumb to the temptation and get all the variegated and unusual. It is important to turn to the rational side of the issue, discuss your plans with the baby's parents and pick out the desired, desired thing that will not collect dust on the shelf. Making a gift is another difficult task, because the presentation half creates a mood.

What can you give a newborn girl?

I like everyone to receive the desired and original gifts. For the child, we try to find something special and memorable. A newborn girl is unlikely to appreciate a gift, so it should be guided by the needs and taste of her parents. A gift to a newborn child is more intended for his mother, and here it is worth consulting her.

Useful things for newborns as a gift

Useful things are usually taken to mean expensive and practical gifts that parents and children will use for more than one year. To avoid being trapped, such questions should always be discussed with the future mother.

  1. The stroller is an individual item and at times even to parents it is difficult to decide the choice. The best solution is to invite a mom for a walk around the store, or present her with a certificate for a gift, after picking it up.
  2. A cot is a thing no less an individual thing, after all it is acquired for several years. If the room for the girl is already ready, there will be no problems with the choice of design. However, it is necessary to discuss whether it will be a transformer, or a model of the type of arena.
  3. For a young family where parents are just starting to build a nest and equip their home, a really good gift will be a good washing machine. Several rattles for completeness of the picture can be purchased, but mom will appreciate the time saved on washing.
  4. A useful gift to a newborn girl the parents will be able to choose independently, if they receive a certificate of purchase. To avoid an embarrassing situation, it is worthwhile to go shopping and study prices, so it will be easier to determine the amount of the certificate.

A gift for a newborn girl from diapers

Looks great cake from twisted diapers originally, but after such manipulation, not every mom will want to use the gift for the intended purpose. Not always beautiful gifts for newborn girls are practical. Many people are gradually turning from twisting each diaper in favor of an alternative solution.

  1. A basket with gifts for the girl. There you can safely lay down teethers and rattles, sealed packs of diapers, various pleasant trifles like socks or bibs.
  2. If the idea of ​​a cake is the best option, you can twist it out of things that you can then use safely. You can roll children's diapers and blankets into rolls, decorate the cake with toys for the stroller.

What to give a newborn girl for memory?

If it is already known that relatives and friends presented the baby with a whole arsenal of useful and practical gifts, one can dwell on memorable things that the baby can use or admire after a few years. However, ideas for gifts to newborns can be a very practical approach to the issue.

  1. Golden pendants or earrings are a universal gift to a newborn girl at any age. Many parents decide to pierce the ears of a girl a year, others leave a decision for the child.
  2. Among the memorable things are photo albums of the first years of life, which parents fill up with the growing up of babies. Attentions are worthy of handmade things in the technique of scrapbooking , which are made by masters under the order of quality original materials.
  3. Things made on an individual project for a girl will remind her of your attention for many years. For example, popular wooden houses for dolls. Until a certain age, they will play the role of shelves for toys, then turn into a real design project baby.

Toy newborn as a gift

In this case, the main thing is not to succumb to temptation and get a gift pathetic and loud. Bears in the growth of an adult person will surprise a girl, and for a young mother this is another collection of dust in the house.

  1. A newborn girl can be presented with a carousel for a cradle with a melody. Soft toys for strollers or cribs, which are made of quality fabrics and designed for frequent washing.
  2. Toys for swimming in the form of rubber ducks, soft books or similar pleasant little things will turn swimming into fun.
  3. A beautiful and stylish gift is considered a developing mat for babies. It's impossible to say with certainty that he will equally like all children. It's the same with the walkers or reins - such purchases should be coordinated with the girl's mom.
  4. Solving the question of what to give a newborn child, a beautiful doll for a pupa remains a safe option for a girl.

A gift to a newborn girl with her own hands

Gifts, made with hand made of wood, paper or fabric, will surely take their place of honor in the girl's room.

  1. A beautiful album for photos, decorated with ribbons and lace, decorated with stones and other tinsel, is not so difficult to make by yourself. In the shops for needlework there are blanks for albums, and with the decor of the problems will not arise.
  2. Textiles have always been a welcome gift for a young family. Children's towels, handkerchiefs, all sorts of terry sheets as you use lose their appearance, and I want to update it. To present a useful gift can be creative, if you turn it into animals or other simple objects.
  3. Patchwork technique has not lost its relevance over the years. Therefore, the answer that sew for the newborn as a gift, will be a blanket in the technique of patchwork , which will certainly please the young mother. Bright shades and cute drawing will decorate the girl's room.

Original gift to the newborn girl

Simple things, presented in an unusual form, cause delight even in an adult. To give a gift beautifully is a real art.

  1. If it is decided to buy clothes for babies, why not wrinkle bodi and blouses in the form of roses? A bouquet of clothes will make the young Mom more happy than the flowers on the table after discharge from the maternity home.
  2. Gradually, young parents will recover after the first sleepless nights and start to wonder how quickly their girl grows. A good photographer and studio will become an unusual gift to a newborn girl and memorable for her parents.
  3. In the shops there were already quite unusual boxes for the first tooth of a baby, with a picture of a tooth fairy. This is really an original gift to the newborn.

Funny gifts to the newborn

A newborn girl is always a mother's pride and a joy for the pope. Many call their daughters little princesses, on this you can build a comic gift line. Present the original kit in a crib, tailored to order with the initials of the baby. Prepare an absolutely unimaginable outfit that will definitely make Mom smile. When ideas for a gift to a newborn girl are already disassembled, you can always creatively and with jokes wrap up money.

Elite gifts for newborns

Expensive and chic gifts are more likely to be appreciated by parents, but many of them will remain for a long memory to the little one.

  1. A gift to a newborn child from silver will surprise parents and keep the memory of the gifted. In addition to jewelry, it is worth considering the scallops, spoons or simply beautiful decorative objects with engraving and wishes.
  2. In any branded store of children's things you will be offered ready-made gifts for children. Chic dresses, whole sets of clothes in one stylistic decision.
  3. In the jewelry store there is a gift for the newborn girl and her mother from the same or paired with a pendant made of precious metals.

What to donate to christenings a newborn girl?

The godparents have already agreed on the purchase of the necessary for christenings, guests still have to supplement the festive mood with gifts.

  1. The envelope to parents can be handed after the ceremony, and on the festive table to put an unusual stylish cake.
  2. Elegant dress or kits for this case will be useful and will be appreciated. Smart clothes are rarely bought by moms themselves, because their value is high. Why not pamper the little one with such a gift.
  3. To supplement the main gift with fashionable painted gingerbread is always a good solution.
  4. A photo frame in the form of a house with windows full of real wonders, will surprise parents and please the eye. This is an interesting answer, what to give a newborn baby girl.

Making a gift for a newborn

There are several proven creative options, how to arrange a gift for a newborn girl, to make practical something simple with something bright and festive.

  1. Clothes or similar things are twisted, turning into lollipops. Basket of such sweets will be remembered by Mom.
  2. Clothes can be turned into a figure. Carriages, motorcycles, snails with similar figures are made up of bright children's textiles and clothes.
  3. Baskets filled with children's belongings, remain an excellent option for gift design.