71-year-old Sher has arranged an unforgettable show at the Billboard Music Awards 2017

71-year-old singer Cher is able to surprise. Once again, she proved this by appearing at the Billboard Music Awards 2017, where she received an award in the category "Icon". Artists with this title are not required to perform at this ceremony, however, Sher decided not to follow the traditions, but to please their fans with a spectacular performance.

Cher on the Billboard Music Awards 2017

Cher repeated the image of 1989

Before receiving the award from the hands of Gwen Stefani, Cher decided to please her fans with the song Turn Back Time, which became cult in the late eighties. In 1989, a video clip with 43-year-old Cher appeared on the screens, which appeared in it with a voluminous hairdress made of black curls, a bathing suit, high boots and a carelessly wrapped biker jacket. The 71-year-old singer also demonstrated a similar image on the Billboard Music Awards 2017. True, this time Cher was wearing a tight transparent black overall, embroidered with rhinestones, well, and otherwise, the image was very much like the one that everyone had seen 30 years ago. After an enchanting performance, Gwen approached Cher and presented the "Icon" award.

Cher repeated the image of 30 years ago
Cher receives the award from the hands of Gwen Stefani

Believe and chest, covered with hearts

After everyone remembered Cher 30 years ago, the singer decided to hit the audience even more. The next song that Cher performed was Believe's hit. In order to fully represent the images that are described in the song, Cher turned into some beautiful diva, which appeared before the audience in shiny boots, a snow-white wig and an unusual suit consisting of many brilliant ribbons. The outfit was so frank that some parts of the body, such as the nipples, were covered only by pink hearts made of rhinestones.

After the end of the Sher in the Internet, the Internet broke out in eulogies from the fans. Many people could not understand how in 70 years you can look so beautiful. While Cher did not comment on the fans' comments, she gave a short interview on the topic of age.

Cher does not hesitate to show her body
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I did not think that I would live to be 70 years old.

A few days ago the legendary singer Sher celebrated her 71-year anniversary. It was about the age she decided to talk in her interview to the edition of Billboard, which she gave on the eve of her birthday. Here are the words in it:

"I hate getting old. My old age always scared me. Still some 20 years ago I did not think that I would live to 70 years. Now, when the figure 71 rushes through my head, I'm really scared. But most of all I'm scared not from the numbers, but because I can not already so actively dance and move around the stage, as it was 20 years ago. But in general I am happy with my life. Looking back, I can say with confidence that I lived a very difficult and difficult life, but she was really happy and bright. "