Women's hat with earflaps - what to wear and how to create fashionable images?

With the arrival of cold weather, the choice is a warm and practical wardrobe. In addition to outerwear and shoes, it is important to insulate the head. In this case, the headgear should correspond to the fashion trends, because this part of the image is always in sight. One of the most popular and stylish solutions today is a women's cap with ear-flaps.

Fur hat with ear-flaps

The unconditional advantage of such models is the complete protection of all important parts of the head. Fur products are especially practical for frosty weather. Such headdresses will not only warm you in the coldest weather, but also add to the image of spectacularity, luxury, refinement. The latest fashion trends are presented with fluffy and bright nap - from fox, squirrel, lynx and others. Designers offer fully fur products or use fur as a decoration. Let's see what kind of woman's fur hat is the most popular fur hat:

  1. Artificial products . In fashion, not only natural products, but also with synthetic pile. Modern technologies allow, by means of special processing, to make artificial fur as close to natural as possible. But such models will significantly less disturb the budget.
  2. Knitted fur . Original and stylish look models from fur yarn. Women's knitted earflap has a symmetrical scale pattern, which is formed due to uniform grooves during knitting and looks very interesting.
  3. Colored pile . Add to your image a note of luxury combined with a bright style. A stylish solution in modern fashion was voluminous fluffy headdresses of catchy and acid colors.

Cap-earflap of fox fur

One of the most fashionable and popular are the models with a thick and long fur of a black fox. The beauty of such products lies in the interesting natural coloring of the pile, which has a smooth transition from the dark root to the light ends. Women's fur earflap can have both a deeper and a light silver hue. Such models will always attract attention and complement the image with romanticism and femininity. Given the density of the pile, fur fox often acts as a decoration of leather or suede accessories.

Cap-earflap of sheepskin

Products made of sheep wool are distinguished by high practical and protective properties and durability. Quality models are made from fur-inverted leather. Thus, the headgear is one-piece, without lining. However, sheep wool perfectly warms and has a thermoregulatory effect. At the same time, moisture is well excreted, and the scalp breathes. A woman's hat with a fur hat with a sheep's fur is convenient and in care. As is known, sheep wool is self-cleaning. Classical is the coloring of the milky-brown scale, which is perfectly combined with any solutions in the image.

Mink hat with ear-flaps

The most elegant and expensive items remain from the rare mink fur. This soft and dense short pile has a beautiful shine. But the main advantage of the mink is a wide color palette. Fur headdresses are presented in warm brown color, classic black, rare blue shade. But the most feminine and beautiful is a female white cap with a fur hat made of mink. By giving preference to such accessories, you can be sure that you have made a successful and reliable purchase for several seasons with active and frequent socks.

Fashionable female ear-flaps

The popularity of comfortable headwear is determined by their practicality. Such models well cover the forehead, ears, temechko. You can not worry about the possible hypothermia and cold, because a stylish accessory will completely protect you against possible risks even in the coldest of colds. Designers recommend this style not only for everyday city socks, but also for sports, outdoor activities, and tourism. And to always be attractive and stylish in your choice, pay attention to the following trends:

  1. Knitted hat with fur hat and fur . Very nice and stylish look knitted products with fur trim. It can be a fluffy edging or an inset on the ears. The models with Jacquard pattern became especially popular.
  2. Female cap with earflaps with pompons . Attractiveness and effect will add coquettish fluffy balls. Pom-poms can also be made of threads. Designers decorate the ears, the crown or the ends of the strings.
  3. Sports style . Closed models are great for winter sports. Such headgear are distinguished by a waterproof top made of plashevka or bologna. In sports collections there are also fleece accessories that contribute to the thermoregulatory effect.

Knitted hat with ear-flaps

Products made from yarn are presented not only in winter, but also in demi-season collections. The difference is the composition of the threads. Suitable for the off-season period are accessories made of natural cotton or a combined version - cotton wool, cotton-acrylic. For the winter period warm yarn - alpaca, mohair, angora, natural wool or acrylic is more suitable. Women's knitted hat with earflaps looks stylish with textured patterns - braids, arans, knobs or lace abstract drawings. In the trend, accessories from melange yarn and design with jacquard.

Leather hat with ear-flaps

An excellent solution that will become universal to the image in any style will be the choice of a leather product. To achieve maximum comfort, it is worthwhile to dwell on natural materials. However, in the modern market, there are also quality models from leatherette and eco-leather. Winter women's hats with earflaps are complemented by a soft warm lining of fleece, baize or fur. Such hats are also presented with a stylish decor - embossed patterns for reptiles, with a quilted top, lacquered coating.

Knitted hat with ear-flaps

The most simple and affordable at the price are products made of knitwear. Such models are presented in the factory production and in hand-made collections of knitted yarn. To add attractiveness, stylists are advised to give preference to bright and catchy colors. In the trend, a woman's red hat with ear-flaps, geometric and floral prints, rainbow gradients and other solutions. Effect and originality in the design will add any creases and bends. Knitted headdresses are suitable for the demi-season, but in the warmed version and for the winter.

With what to wear a hat with ear flaps?

The relevance of stylish hats is due not only to practical and stylistic features, but also versatility in the choice of clothes and shoes. To set the main direction in the bow, it is important to take care of its completion. Let's find out which ideas are the most popular today:

  1. With uggs . If you do not know what to wear a fur hat with ear flaps, a win-win solution will be comfortable Australian boots , both in high and low form. Alternative choice can be boots or boots with a wide bootleg on a flat course.
  2. With shoes on heels . If your headdress is made in a laconic design, supplement the image with a feminine end. However, in this case, shoes fit on a wide, stable heel-a barrel, a cube, a sloping shape.
  3. With the completion of the sporting style . Knitted, knitted, raincoat and leather models perfectly complement the image of the kazhual. For such an onion is worth stopping on sports shoes - sneakers, sneakers, warmed slips, blown boots .

Hat with a fur hat and a fur coat

Original and unusual is the combination of a headdress in the Russian style with elegant outer clothing made of fur. However, such an ensemble is not categorical in modern fashion. The ideal solution is to choose an accessory and fur coat from one fur or at least in an identical color. However, this rule is not considered mandatory. A win-win choice will be a black female earflap that will complement the outer clothing with any nap. Given the style of the hat, do not wear a fur coat of maximum length. It will be successful to choose a sheepskin or midi straight cut.

Hat with a fur hat with a coat

The ensemble "eared" accessory and strict outerwear corresponds to the trend solutions of mixing directions in one bow. To voluminous fur headdresses it is better to choose laconic and accurate styles. An excellent choice will be the classic straight or fitted silhouette. Women's winter hat with ear-flaps made of yarn or knitwear will stylishly complement the short coat, the bulk over-style style, men's style. The length of outer clothing, as in the case of a fur coat, should not be maximum. The most successful is the moderate hem that closes the knees.

Hat with ear-flaps with a jacket

The most universal choice for a female headdress in the Russian style is a short down jacket. In this case, the coloring of the accessory and jacket can be either identical or contrast. In the demi-season, the stylish choice will be leather coho . Fashion image can be supplemented with a voluminous scarf and mittens, especially if the ensemble contains knitted cap-earflaps for women. Leather models and a version of sheepskin successfully combined with short jackets of tanned leather. The voluminous fur accessories perfectly match the parks and style in military style.