With what to wear a cardigan - a selection of photos of fashionable images for all occasions

Cardigan is considered a fashionable women's clothing, which always emphasizes elegance and refinement of style in the image. The variety of fabric textures, color solutions and finishing ideas helps to choose "your" option. However, it is very important not only to be able to choose a suitable style, but also to know what to wear a cardigan with.

With what to wear a female cardigan?

In modern fashion, the most varied and popular steel products from yarn. This option is presented in the collections of the cold season in a cozy and practical design, as well as in summer clothes, in a lightweight fashion of thin threads. A unique feature of an elongated sweatshirt is the fact that it can replace the outer clothing , act as an additional element in the image or at all a decorative detail. Let's see the most stylish models and find out what to wear a knitted cardigan:

  1. Oversize . Fashion trend is the product "not from your shoulder." Volumetric cut will always act as the main accent in the image. Therefore, such models should be complemented with laconic clothes and neat accessories.
  2. Printed design . Another stylish way to draw attention to its original taste and uncommon onion will be the choice of an elegant sweatshirt with a pattern or jacquard. This design is better to supplement with monochrome details of classic or neutral colors.
  3. Models with fur . In the trend of the model, complemented by fur decor. In fashion, both natural and artificial finish. Fur in the design of the female jacket will add sophistication and luxury, so it is appropriate to be romantic or austere image.

With what to wear a cardigan without buttons?

One of the stylish solutions in modern fashion has become an elongated sweater without fastening. Wearing clothes for plowing creates the effect of ease, ease and independence. However, the question of how to wear a female cardigan without buttons remains acute, as it requires careful selection of not only the shoes and the lower part in the image, but also the top. And in this case, the elements of the single-color wardrobe will be a good solution. Classical colors will be unbeatable, especially if the jacket is colored and bright. And to add grace, complement the beautiful clothes with a belt.

With what to wear a long cardigan?

Always elegant and feminine look models are the length of the floor. However, the stylish alternative to steel styles up to the middle of caviar. This option emphasizes slender legs and focuses on shoes. In the question, with which to wear an extended cardigan, it is necessary to first select the completion of the image, which will set its basic style. Sneakers or coarse shoes will emphasize the functionality and practicality of the combination. Heels and a wedge emphasize refinement. In the latter case, you can add massive decorations, a belt and a neat handbag.

With what to wear a cardigan without sleeves?

Sleeveless models are a spectacular and interesting option for everyday wear, and in combination with exquisite outfits. And if you want to emphasize directly on a stylish sweater, then underneath it is better to wear a one-color contrasting golf or blouse. If you are interested in what to wear a black cardigan, here the stylists exclude the total look. Very impressive, these styles look in strict combinations with a pencil skirt or classic trousers. Finesse in this bow will add long gloves and a wide belt.

With what to wear a fluffy cardigan?

Products made of fluffy threads have become a simplified alternative to models with fur. This option is much more budgetary, but also outwardly very inferior to the luxurious and exquisite fur styles. On the question of what to wear a cardigan-grass, stylists answer unequivocally. This clothing refers to a purely Kazehalnoy style. Therefore, it is appropriate to be leggings, jeans of any style and comfortable shoes - sneakers , sneakers, boots-tractors. Fluffy products can be added to the city bow with a casual light dress, emphasizing the feminine combination.

With what to wear a lace cardigan?

If you are looking for a beautiful, original and attractive design, then it is worthwhile to dwell on models of laced lace. Such products are presented mainly in collections for the summer. Female lace cardigan stylishly complement the light top, short shorts, sandals on heels or wedges. Stylish fishnet clothes will suit elegant evening dresses. And in this case, an elongated jacket can be just an additional cape or part of the outfit. Lacy design is also found in the collections of the cold season from mohair or angora in lacework.

With what to wear a short cardigan?

Traditional design is an elongated cut. However, stylish and original look shortened sweaters, which emphasize the uncommon and unconventional style. A short female cardigan will perfectly complement the business or office bow, acting as an alternative to a boring jacket. Bright and printed models can be worn with everyday feminine clothing - short pants, a wide skirt, a light dress. Lovers of extravagant solutions can add to this combination of colored pantyhose for the color of the jacket.

With what to wear a transparent cardigan?

This kind of clothing refers more to accessories than to the main wardrobe. A stylish female cardigan made of transparent fabrics will successfully complement the evening outfit or a light romantic image with a dress. Designers perform such products from the finest chiffon. An alternative option is often an open-work tulle with a small motif of a lacy pattern. Stylists use such accessories in everyday bows. In the summer season, adding a transparent model to shorts, a short skirt and top, you will emphasize the tenderness and feminity of the style. Shoes are also worth choosing in an open and light style.

With what to wear a cardigan in ethnic style?

One of the most interesting and original models are ethnic style. Here the main attractive element is the coloring. Contrast patterns in combination with asymmetric cut and trim fringe will always attract attention. But at the same time a beautiful female cardigan in the ethnic style will act as the main detail in the image. This option is better to complement everyday casual clothes - jeans, a turtleneck or monotonous raglan, comfortable shoes on a flat move or a thick heel.

Fashionable images with a cardigan

Given the stylish combination of comfort and elegance in design, such fashionable clothing easily fits into any experiments in the image. Do not forget that in modern fashion any mixes are welcome. It can be a minimal style or an extravagant bow with original accessories and ornaments. And so that the question of how to wear a cardigan is not an obstacle in the purchase of such an element of the wardrobe, it is worth considering the tips of the stylists:

  1. Romantic bow . For such ensembles suitable light, openwork and color models. The elongated and free cut always looks stylish with everyday dresses, heeled shoes, shortened trousers and feminine handbags - cross-body, clutch or stylized chest.
  2. In the style of Kazahal . Knitted, fluffy, voluminous products and design without fastening look great with comfortable sneakers or boots on lacing. And you can supplement such a bow with a womanly dress, and comfortable trousers, bananas, favorite jeans or leggings.
  3. Strict combinations . Elegant business combinations with a dress-case, classic trousers and a narrow skirt look great with short styles of dense fabrics that hold the shape well and become an alternative to a jacket. For strict ensembles, elongated styles of classical coloring are also suitable.

How to wear a cardigan with a skirt?

One of the most popular solutions to date has been the combination of a feminine sweatshirt with a skirt. And in this case, the choice of the bottom part of the image is very diverse. A narrow pencil style will fit any kind of top - elongated, short, bulky or fitted. Wide and fluffy skirts , as in the question of how to wear a dress with a cardigan, require compliance with the rules for length. In this case, the hem should look out from under the jacket at least five centimeters. A win-win choice here is the top of the asymmetric cut.

How to wear a cardigan with jeans?

A universal choice for any kind of elegant sweatshirts are denim trousers. This combination emphasizes refinement and practicality at the same time. Depending on the style of the jeans, you can go to such an ensemble to work, walk with friends or a romantic date. In order not to be mistaken, adhere to the rule of the opposite - a voluminous cardigan with skinny jeans, laconic styles with boyfriends or flares. The traditional coloring of jeans trousers allows you to pick up a bright and printed top, as well as restrained monochrome colors.