Why does the lumbar period hurt and how can I help myself?

Menstrual discharge is often accompanied by additional symptoms. Pain in the abdomen, chest, dizziness, deterioration of general health - accompanying phenomena. Let's consider the process in more detail and find out: why does the lumbar region hurt during monthly periods, what is the cause of this phenomenon, as indicated.

Can the lower back pain with menstruation?

Some girls, when they visit a gynecologist, make complaints that they have a low back pain with menstruation. Doctors often point to the physiological nature of such sensations, calling them a variant of the norm. Thus, with menstruation, the tension of the ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the pelvic region occurs. The contraction of the uterus, which tries to expel the blood and the endometrium outward, is strained to the neighboring departments.

In addition, menstruation is a hormonal shift. Directly increasing the biological compounds provokes muscle activity, explaining why in normal menstrual lumbar pain. However, it must be remembered that severe pain during menstruation in the abdominal region, giving back, the legs can indicate inflammation in the small pelvis. To determine the exact cause, a comprehensive diagnosis and examination is necessary.

Back pain with menstruation - causes

More often the painful sensations are observed shortly before the onset of menstruation. For a few days a woman notices the appearance of pulling pains in the lower abdomen, which can give back. In this case, soreness persists even during discharge. Talking about why during the menstrual period, the doctors call the following reasons:

  1. Hormonal imbalance. As a result of a sharp change in the concentration of sex hormones, the girls experience soreness.
  2. Physiological contractions of the muscular apparatus. Reduction of the uterine muscles leads to irritation of the receptors in the pelvic area. Excitation from these structures can also be transmitted to the lumbar region.
  3. Increased estrogen concentration. More often this phenomenon is observed in women older than 30 years.
  4. Incorrect placement of the uterus in the cavity of the small pelvis. Painful sensations are often noted by women who have changed the topography of the genital organ - the uterus is deflected posteriorly. A slight increase in its volume with monthly irritates the nerve endings in the lower back.
  5. Exacerbations of inflammatory processes in the small pelvis. Often, soreness is due to exacerbation of chronic diseases of the reproductive system.

Why does the stomach and lower back ache during menstruation?

Among the reasons that explain the fact that with a lumbar and abdominal pain hurts during months, it is necessary to note the use of intrauterine contraceptives. Wrong selection of the spiral can cause a violation of outflow of menstrual blood. As a result of its stagnation, the nerve endings of the lower abdomen and lower back are irritated. In this case, it is necessary to change the method of contraception, use a different method of protection.

When the waist is painful with menstruation, the reasons are named above, the water balance in the body is often violated. As a result of fluid stagnation, a small swelling of the internal genitalia occurs. Increased in the volume of the uterus and appendages, begin to squeeze the nerve endings in the area of ​​the sacral spine, where the pain extends to the lower back, often affecting the legs.

Pain in lower back and legs with menstruation

Pain in the back with a period may be accompanied by painful sensations in the legs. Many women note their puffiness, numbness. More often such symptomatology accompanies menstrual allocation at the given women and those to whom the delivery was conducted by cesarean . This is due to a change in the location of the pelvic bones. As a result, microcirculation and innervation of this area also change. In addition, vascular foot diseases (varicose veins), characteristic of mature women, often provoke pain in the legs.

Monthly scanty and aching small of back

Reducing the concentration of sex hormones in the blood affects the menstrual flow by changing the volume of secretions, the appearance of soreness. Frequent stress, physical activity, infections of the reproductive system provoke a violation of the hormonal background. In this case, the process of growth of the endometrium fails. Because of this, the waist also hurts during menstruation. The endometrial layer does not have enough time to collect the required thickness in a cycle.

As a result, women report a decrease in the monthly volume. They become meager. In this case, the very process of rejection of the endometrial layer is accompanied by severe soreness. The pain is localized in the lower third of the abdomen and is often given back. After the menstrual period, the soreness disappears, the woman feels well.

Can the lower back hurt before menstruation?

Pain in the lower back before the men often recorded women of adulthood. It is associated with changes in the musculoskeletal system that occur in the climacteric period. Partly they are caused by the lack of sex hormones, the extinction of the reproductive system. However, in young girls, pain in the lumbar region before menstruation should be an occasion to call a doctor.

The waist is very sore before the menstrual period and because of a change in the hormonal background. This is especially painful for young girls. Because of the unstable work of the gonads, the contraction of uterine muscles occurs with greater activity. As a result, there is tension in the pelvic region. In addition, compression of nerve endings may be noted, due to a slight displacement of the uterus increased during menstruation.

Can the lower back pain after menstruation?

Back pain after menstruation, which ended recently, is often due to hyperstimulation syndrome. This phenomenon is associated with an increased concentration of sex hormones in the bloodstream. Often observed in women taking hormonal drugs in the treatment of gynecological diseases. With this condition, there is an increase in the volume of the sexual glands, which can exert pressure on the lumbar region provided with nerve endings. In this case, there is a concomitant symptomatology:

Soreness in the back area after menstruation can provoke apoplexy of the ovary. With this violation, the outer shell of the gland ruptures. Thus there is a strong pain in a loin at monthly, in the bottom of a stomach or belly, giving in hips, an anus. On the background of hemorrhage, an unconscious condition develops, blood pressure decreases, and the pulse rate increases. Violation requires emergency assistance.

Back pain with menstruation - what to do?

If there was pain in the lower back with a period, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Causes explaining why with a lumbar period hurts, there can be many. However, to facilitate well-being at the same time a woman can and independently:

Tablets for back pain with menstruation

Pain in the lower back during menstruation can be stopped by taking medication. Their choice is based on the cause of the occurrence. So with strong contractions of the uterus using antispasmodics:

When the pain is caused by inflammation in the small pelvis, doctors recommend anti-inflammatory:

To stop the attack of pain, when the girl does not know its cause, before calling a doctor, you can use analgesics: