Which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen?

Kitchen repair is not easy and expensive, given the change in kitchen furniture and appliances. If you are not going to do this yet, and you really want to update the kitchen, you can paste new wallpapers in the kitchen. How to choose them and what kind of wallpaper is best for the kitchen, let's talk in more detail.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen - wallpaper quality

The selection of wallpaper for the kitchen is logical to start, determined what kind of quality wallpaper in the kitchen. Of course, you can stop your choice and the usual paper, but in case of contamination, they can not be washed, which means that the kitchen will quickly lose its updated look. But we remember that ideally a wet cleaning in the kitchen should be done daily. Therefore, the first thing we need to find out about the quality of the wallpaper is its water resistance. The best versions of wallpaper for the kitchen are washable - non-woven or super-dry - wallpaper on a rubberized base.

But not only moisture resistance is important, but also the density of wallpaper. The smaller it is, the more wallpaper there is in the wallpaper, in which the dirt collects. Therefore, thin wallpaper and wallpaper with a relief pattern in the kitchen will not be welcome guests. Especially, if you are going to wallpaper wallpaper on the wall above the work area - an apron of tiles is not on every kitchen.

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen - drawing and color

  1. If the change of furniture is not included in your plans, you will need to try to pick up wallpaper under the kitchen. For example, if the kitchen furniture is dark, then the wallpaper is better to choose a lighter shade, so as not to turn your kitchen into a dark dungeon. Also, it is worth paying attention not only to the color of furniture, but also to its design - how massive it looks, the degree of decorativeness of the fittings (almost invisible or large gilt pens), etc. Well, select the wallpaper design according to this. If the furniture is simple, no frills, then it is not forbidden to make the walls more interesting or refined. For example, you can add monochrome wallpaper wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern of the same color. Or you can decorate one wall using photo wallpapers. At the same time, you need to make sure that the background is calm, otherwise the kitchen will look a bit lame.
  2. How to choose wallpaper in the kitchen for an apron over the work area? You can give preference to moisture resistant wallpaper, which can be washed at least every day, but you can proceed as follows. You need to get a tempered glass and a piece of beautiful wallpaper, you can with a panorama of the city, a big beautiful flower, etc. We glue the wallpaper over the working surface and cover this beauty with glass. A beautiful and practical apron is ready.
  3. If you think what wallpaper to glue in the kitchen, then try to consider a variant with imitation of different textures and surfaces. For example, it can be imitation of fabric, wood, stone and so on. Such wallpaper can be combined with others used as a background. If you select all the colors and textures correctly, then it will look very interesting and unusual. And most importantly, cover-imitators are much cheaper than the original.
  4. If you decide to decorate the kitchen using monophonic or calm in color and pattern of wallpaper, then it will be beautiful to add interesting curbs. Images on them must be chosen in accordance with the style of the interior. For example, a classic curb will be decorated with a border with floral patterns, embossed ornaments or still lifes. If the style of the kitchen is modern, then the drawing is better to choose an abstract, and for the country style, rural landscapes and other village attributes will do. Also, a quiet background will go well with photopan with images of still lifes, beautiful flowers.
  5. Do not know how to pick up wallpaper in the kitchen, lean toward the wallpaper with a bright pattern, but are afraid of excessive variegation? In general, you are afraid of it correctly, but this effect can be mitigated if you divide the room into 2 zones. Top the wallpaper with the selected wallpaper, and paint the bottom with a calm color or paste a monochrome wallpaper.