Tremor of the hands - causes and treatment in all age groups

Trembling fingers interfere with even the simplest household affairs and cause a feeling of helplessness. Tremor or involuntary movements of the hands are observed in the elderly and in young people. The need for therapy of this condition depends on its severity and the factors that provoked the problem.

Tremor of the hands - causes

The described pathology is associated with the delay of neural signals from the brain responsible for the product of motion and the preservation of the necessary position of the limb. The main reason why the hands tremble are uncontrolled muscle contractions. They can be caused by various factors, among which there are temporary external conditions that do not require correction, and serious neurological disorders involving special therapy.

Hands tremble in the elderly

In old age, the problem is often diagnosed. Constant tremor of the hands in the elderly indicates the diseases of the brain and central nervous system. Sometimes it is a harbinger or a concomitant symptom of serious pathologies. Hands tremble - reasons:

Hands tremble - reasons for young

Tremor is also found in adulthood, many patients of a neurologist are less than 35 years old. In most situations, trembling of the limbs is benign and does not require special treatment. Such cases include hand tremor in agitation and strong emotional upheavals, excessive physical exertion, hypothermia and fever. Other causes of the problem in young people:

Essential hand tremor

This form of pathological condition is observed mainly after 50 years. In this case, his hands tremble for hereditary reasons. Essential or familial tremor occurs due to a gene mutation. It is transmitted by autosomal dominant type, therefore the probability of limb trembling in a child, one of whose parents suffers from the presented disease, is 50%.

The described tremor of the hands does not pose a threat to human life or health, but the pathology is prone to progression. Often other parts of the body are involved in this process:

Tremor of fingers

The reasons for the trembling of phalanges can be all the factors listed above. Additionally, in medicine there is the concept of a physiological benign tremor. This definition is applicable to situations where fingers tremble without stable neurological and systemic diseases. Such a tremor is characteristic for professional activities associated with the constant and prolonged exertion of phalanges. To him are exposed:

What should I do if my hands are shaking?

Before starting therapy it is important to find out the causes of tremor. If this is a temporary phenomenon that has arisen against a background of stress, hypothermia or agitation, you can do without treatment.

General recommendations on how to get rid of hand tremors:

  1. Try to exclude any factors that can provoke trembling limbs.
  2. Avoid overwork and insomnia.
  3. Refuse from smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse.
  4. To lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  5. Limit in the menu fatty and fried dishes, strong coffee, chocolate, smoked meat and pickles.
  6. Take a contrast shower in the morning.
  7. In stressful situations, use natural sedatives in advance.
  8. Attend a swimming pool or swim in natural water.
  9. To develop fine motor skills of fingers.

If standard methods of fighting with tremors do not help, experts advise to apply medication and curative gymnastics. When a conservative approach is not too effective, surgical intervention is prescribed. Operation (stereotaxic thalatomy) helps to almost completely get rid of the problem, but is recommended only in extreme cases.

Medication from hand tremor

The main option for the therapy of tremors of the upper limbs is the taking of medications. Any tablets from hand tremors should be prescribed by a qualified doctor. Self-use of potent agents is dangerous by side effects and deterioration of the condition. Pharmacological drugs can stop the progression of the disease and significantly reduce or stop hand tremor. The treatment involves the use of the following groups of medications:

Herbs from hand tremors

Plant products do not affect the central nervous system, but have a calming effect. Their use is advisable if against a background of stress, anxiety and emotional overload tremble hands - treatment of more serious causes of pathology with the help of herbs is ineffective. To obtain noticeable results, sedative teas should be drunk for a long time.

Infusion to relieve hand tremors


Preparation, application

  1. Mix the dry shredded roots of plants. You can use them together or separately.
  2. Put the raw material in a thermos, pour boiling water.
  3. Insist tea 5-6 hours.
  4. Strain the solution.
  5. Drink in small portions throughout the day.

Exercises so that your hands do not tremble

An additional and effective way to normalize limb mobility is therapeutic gymnastics. Before treating the tremor of hands with this technique, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. The doctor will show the correct version of the exercise, determine the frequency of their implementation and the duration of the course of therapy. To keep your hands from shaking, you should regularly develop fine motor skills of your fingers. This is helped by the gymnastics shown in the figure below.