Transport in Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small monarchic country surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, in which they do not pursue modern technologies, and the number of Buddhist temples is truly impressive. However, whatever it was, and worldly problems and issues take their toll, and even at the dawn of loftiness and enlightenment, every traveler asks the question of transport in Bhutan. Let's consider in this article the existing options for traveling around the country for tourists.

Air communication

The international airport in Bhutan is only one - in the vicinity of the city ​​of Paro . For a long time it was the only air terminal in the country, but in 2011 this situation changed somewhat. Two small airports were opened in Bumtang and Trashigang , but they serve only domestic flights. In addition, the airport terminal since October 2012 is also on the border with India, near the Geluphu city limits. Due to increased tourist flow, the country's government is actively working on the creation of a number of small airports throughout the country. However, in 2016 the only affordable option for travel to Bhutan for tourists is still the transport provided by the tour operator.

Automobile transport

Perhaps this is the main and most accessible form of transport in Bhutan. There are about 8 thousand km of roads, and the main highway was built in 1952. The main route of Bhutan takes its beginning near the border with India, in the city of Phongcholing , and ends in the east of the country, in Trashigang. The width of the asphalt road is only 2.5 m, and road markings and signs are considered a huge rarity. Bhutan has a speed limit of 15 km / h. This is dictated by the fact that sometimes the road runs through mountain areas, whose height reaches up to 3000 m above sea level. In addition, landslides and landslides are quite a private phenomenon, therefore, along the road you can often find special points with rescuers ready at any time to provide all possible assistance.

The policy of the country is that you can not rent a car and drive yourself independently in Bhutan. Tourist visa necessarily involves cooperation in the tour operator of Bhutan. Among the local population, buses are the most popular in the role of public transport in Bhutan. But tourists are forbidden to travel independently even to them. Therefore, all your movements will have to be coordinated with your travel agency.