Test for glucose in pregnancy

In order to detect such complications as gestational diabetes, women are given a test for glucose tolerance during pregnancy, which is carried out from 24 to 28 weeks in pregnant women. Consider this study in detail, we will dwell in detail on the algorithm for conducting and evaluating the results.

In which cases is this test mandatory?

The so-called indications for conducting such a study are:

How is the glucose test done during pregnancy?

It should be noted that there are several varieties of such a study. The difference is that the removal of the results can be done at different times. That's why they allocate a hour, two-hour, and three-hour test. Depending on the type of test for glucose tolerance, conducted during pregnancy, there is a different norm, the value of which is taken into account when evaluating the results.

Water and sugar are used for the study. So, for 1 hour test take 50 grams, 2 hours - 75, 3 - 100 grams of sugar. Dilute it to 300 ml of water. The test is performed on an empty stomach. 8 hours before the test meal, water is prohibited. In addition, during 3 days before the diet is adhered to: exclude from the diet of fatty, sweet, spicy food.

What norms are established when assessing the results of a glucose test during pregnancy?

It is worth noting that only the doctor has the right to evaluate, to draw any conclusions. Moreover, this study can not be regarded as the final result. Changing the indications may indicate a predisposition to the disease, and not its presence. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the test to be repeated. The same result in both cases is the basis for further examination of the woman.

The values ​​of the glucose test with exercise carried out during pregnancy are evaluated solely on the basis of the type of study. It is worth saying that the fasting blood glucose level is within 95 mg / ml.

With a one-hour test, when the sugar concentration exceeds 180 mg / ml, it is said about the presence of the disease. When conducting a 2-hour study, the glucose level should not exceed 155 mg / ml, with a 3-hour study, no more than 140 mg / ml.