Swimsuits for a big bust

Swimsuits designed for large breasts and swimsuits designed for fat women - this is not the same thing. Swimsuits for a large bust are developed taking into account the woman's anatomical features, are sewed from dense fabrics, have a special shape that supports and comfortably distributes the breasts in the bra, while allowing it to look beautiful.

Swimsuits for women with a large bust

Owners lush breasts know how hard it is sometimes to choose a swimsuit. The first problem is that swimsuits on a large bust and small hips are a rarity. True, today it is removed due to the fact that the shops have the opportunity to purchase separately the top and bottom of the leotard.

The second problem is that in stores until recently it was difficult to find swimsuits for large busts. But recently, designers have paid attention to the chic women and provided them with a good selection of swimsuits.

The most successful swimsuit models for a large breast

Such swimsuits can be very diverse:

  1. A classic separate swimsuit with a bra, harnesses that pass on the shoulders - an excellent choice, especially if you have a beautiful waistline.
  2. Fused swimsuits for full women with a large bust - a great option to adjust the figure and demonstrate only its merits. Such a swimsuit can have a fairly deep neckline or an open back - such features will make it less boring and more sexy.
  3. A swimsuit bando on a large bust also fits. But it is important that the cups are tight, and under them there is good support. In this case, the breasts will look very impressive, and you do not have to correct the lip bando all the time.
  4. It is worth trying on and a swimsuit with a bra "halter". He fastens on his neck, but not with thin strings, but with wide ribbons, which are a continuation of the bodice itself.
  5. A good effect is the swimsuit tankini - it balances the figure, if the top and bottom are disproportionate. In addition, the tankini will hide the full belly.

Which swimsuit to choose for a large bust?

There are several canonical rules for choosing a swimsuit for a large bust:

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the straps - they must be wide. By the way, straps must be regulated to provide optimal support for a heavy chest and ideally place your pride in the cups.
  2. The shape of the cup can be different, but it is desirable that it was on the bones - they perfectly lift the chest. Often the top of the swimsuit for a very large bust sew from several parts, thus providing spectacular outlines and, again, support.
  3. The fabric of the swimsuit also plays a significant role in how your breasts will look in it and how comfortable it will be for you. First, it is worth noting all kinds of foam and similar inserts, which only increase the bust and absorb water. It is best to give preference to a swimsuit from Lycra and Elastane.

The color scheme of your swimsuit, of course, will determine your preferences. But keep in mind that it will be good to look at a large breast swimsuit two-zone, featuring the colors of the bottom and top. The swimsuits of saturated deep colors look unchallenging, without competition - a black swimsuit .