Skirt with flounces

Today, the skirt with flounces gradually "attracts" more and more fashionable young ladies to their side, which complement their wardrobe with this very interesting thing. It is certainly difficult and to some extent even capricious from the point of view of combinations, but if you can competently pick up a complete set to it - you get an amazing image.

Place of the shuttlecock on the skirt

So, proceeding from where the shuttlecock is located, it is singled out:

Tips for combining skirt models with flounces

Of course, the answer to the question of what to wear a skirt with flounces depends, first of all, on a particular model, which in turn differs both in fabric, shape and length.

  1. A knitted skirt with flounces will perfectly match a solid knitted sweater, a cardigan or a tight blouse with a small ryurex.
  2. A short skirt with flounces, especially if you look at the summer image, will fit bright tops, which can be complex in shape, but simple in color and without variegated prints.
  3. A pencil with a flounce should always be worn with a white blouse, a strict jacket and high-heeled shoes. All this together will help create an image of a graceful and stylish diva.
  4. Oriental skirts with flounces can be combined with voluminous ethnic shirts, accentuated by a belt at the waist.
  5. A jeans skirt with flounces can be worn by a fashionista anywhere, and on the top choose a denim shirt with a short sleeve or a top blue shade.
  6. A long skirt with flounces is preferably worn with something very gentle in color and romantic in style, perhaps it will be a knitted cardigan of pastel tones or a chiffon blouse.
  7. Skirt the sun with shuttlecocks - bright and unusual will look great with a contrasting in color T-shirt with a tailored cut. In this form, the fashionista is definitely worth preparing for a warm sunny spring and a hot summer.