Siding under natural stone

Finishing of the facade is now possible using a variety of materials, from plaster to natural shale. However, the fashion for expensive natural linings is gradually coming to naught, giving way to progressive modern materials. The thing is that synthetic materials have the same properties as natural materials, with lower costs for purchase and installation.

One such profitable material is siding , imitating natural (wild) stone. What are its properties and benefits, read on.

Siding under wild stone - features

The appearance of the facade of the building where such a siding is installed, does not differ from the house, finished with a real natural stone. Modern technologies allow you to simulate the texture and color of the material so realistically that it's very difficult to distinguish one from another from afar. This is the main and huge advantage of siding under natural stone.

Other advantages of this finishing material include:

The choice of the texture and color of the siding under the stone is very wide. Imitation of natural stones is achieved through a multicomponent system of coating the panels.

There is also such a thing as socle siding under wild stone. It is used in the design of the lower part of the building, which usually protrudes forward by several centimeters. Finishing the socle with this siding will allow you to place the accents, making the overall "picture" of the facade more complete.

But at the same time often such siding is used to decorate the entire facade, and not just its basement. In this case, you can achieve the appearance of massive and solid stone walls, without having the stone itself. Natural slate looks very expensive, and its imitation - at times cheaper. This should also be taken into account when choosing a siding.