Severe toxemia in pregnancy

Even the most long-awaited pregnancy can be accompanied by unpleasant manifestations, sometimes rather painful for a woman. Just ten years ago, doctors considered severe toxicosis during pregnancy an exception to the rule, arguing that the pregnancy of a healthy woman should proceed without special difficulties. But science does not stand still and modern doctors are not so categorical. As a rule, a strong toxicosis is observed in many future mothers, and at different times of pregnancy.

Types and causes of severe toxemia

In the early stages of pregnancy, usually after 6-8 weeks, a woman may be disturbed by nausea, vomiting, general weakness, drowsiness. Such a condition can last up to 12-15 weeks and is a sign of an early toxicosis. In addition to these symptoms, dizziness, intolerance to smells and certain foods are also characteristic. There are also changes from the nervous system - the pregnant woman becomes irritable, touchy, with an unpredictable reaction to various events.

Very strong toxicosis manifests itself in vomiting more than 5 times a day, severe nausea throughout the day, and not only in the morning, frequent dizziness, general weakness of the body. Also, with severe toxemia, future mothers can feel heaviness in the stomach, spasms, heartburn.

However painful as it may be, severe toxemia in early pregnancy is considered to be a norm rather than a pathology and usually does not endanger the child. Much more dangerous for the fetus and more difficult for the future mother to tolerate late toxicosis, or gestosis. As a rule, late toxicosis manifests itself in the second half of pregnancy or even in the last trimester.

The main signs of gestosis are strong swelling, sudden headaches, high blood pressure, convulsions. At strongly expressed displays of a late toxicosis hospitalization is necessary.

Despite a comprehensive study of severe toxemia in pregnancy, the reasons for it are not fully understood. The obstetricians-gynecologists themselves express different, sometimes contradictory opinions.

But still it is possible to state some of the most probable reasons why a strong toxicosis occurs in many women:

  1. Heredity - many doctors point out that women, whose mothers have had a difficult pregnancy, themselves suffer from severe toxemia.
  2. Chronic diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, bronchi and lungs in a pregnant woman can be a likely cause of severe toxicosis.
  3. Very severe toxicosis during pregnancy can provoke negative emotions, which is experienced by a future mother. Experiences, stress, fears, lack of sleep are extremely undesirable and adversely affect not only the woman, but also the future baby.
  4. Age of the future mother. Some doctors classify women at risk as women who become pregnant before the age of 17 or after 35, explaining that severe toxicity during pregnancy in such patients is observed several times more often than in other potential mothers.

Methods to help get rid of severe toxemia

Many women who have been tortured by severe toxicosis are interested in what to do and what methods exist to alleviate this unpleasant condition. There are many ways to get rid of a strong toxicosis. Among them there are both drug treatment methods, which are prescribed only by a doctor, and simply checked by future moms to relieve the condition in severe toxicosis.

Consider the most effective ways how to deal with severe toxicosis:

There is no universal method for controlling severe toxemia in pregnancy. Every woman chooses a suitable tool for herself, which helps her the best. Just remember that all the unpleasant signs of toxicosis will soon disappear, and in your life there will be a long-awaited miracle - you will become a mother.