Raincoat for the stroller

How often on a cold autumn day moms, despite the weather, have to put their child in a stroller and, overcoming all weather conditions, to fulfill their duty, code-named "an hour for a walk".

What becomes a commodity of first necessity at the same time? - Of course, the raincoat on the stroller.

Doubtful use of silicone

Choosing the right accessory, parents, first of all, are looking for a universal raincoat on the wheelchair - so that in the rain, and in the snow and hail, their child was protected from natural "dangers". However, paradoxically, the biggest danger for a walk with a raincoat is ... the raincoat itself.

If the cradle of the stroller is not large by itself, putting a nylon or silicone raincoat on it means placing the baby in a hothouse environment. Such conditions are good for plant growth, but your child needs to walk, first of all, oxygen. Therefore, walking under a raincoat can hardly be called useful.

A significantly greater health effect from walking "on the street" can be achieved without leaving home. On a rainy autumn or spring day, put the stroller on the balcony or put it next to the wide-open window. Believe me, this walk will be more useful than walking under a raincoat, and you, and your baby.

A "breathable fabric"?

But how to be a frosty winter day, when you can not open the windows for an hour? Among the products offered for children, you can often see the so-called "winter raincoat on a stroller." Unlike their nylon counterparts, they are made of frost-resistant materials, most often made of fabric. The cloth raincoat on the stroller or raincoat-raincoat, as it seems, should let in more air. However, we will appeal to the aid of common sense. If such a raincoat really missed the air, then at the same time, he would miss the moisture in the stroller. What would be the benefit then?

"We are not afraid of drops or drops of rain ..."

In fact, parents who protect their children from contact with natural conditions, render babies a "disservice". One should remember the rule: the smaller the child, the better it adapts to the existing conditions. Therefore, to get used to the conditions of the country where it will grow, the child it is necessary immediately after the hospital (although gradually, since the birth took place not in nature). And it's okay that there will be a few rains or snowflakes on his delicate skin, no. And in case of heavy snow or rainfall it is better to take care of the moisture-repellent cover for the stroller and its reliable hood.

Summarize. A raincoat on a wheelchair can be considered as a necessary tool only for those parents who need to jump out on business on the street in bad weather, taking with them a child. But it can not be used as an accessory for long walks.

However, in the first case, it is advisable to consider buying a sling instead of buying a raincoat. In combination with an umbrella, slings and "kangaroo" can significantly outperform the functionality and mobility of raincoats on a wheelchair of any class.