Raffaello Recipe

Remember the advertising of these sweets, where all the girls with such pleasure ate rafaello, that I wanted to immediately escape to the store? But there is a recipe for Raffaello balls on which they can be cooked at home, and how we do it now we will understand.

Recipe for Raffaello sweets with condensed milk

This is the easiest recipe for making Raffaello sweets at home, and there is not a lot of food and time.



This recipe of Raffaello implies the use of almond kernels, but you can prepare rafaello candies at home with almonds or with any other nuts. For example, you can take hazelnuts.

In a deep plate we pour out the coconut shavings, pour out the condensed milk and mix. Let's stand the mixture for about an hour. After this, we pour coconut shavings into a separate bowl and prepare a plate for sweets. From the sweet mixture we make a cake, in the middle we put a nutlet and roll the candy into a ball. We roll the ball in coconut shaving and put it in a bowl. Just do the rest of the candy.

Raffaello candy recipe with chocolate



Chocolate is broken into pieces, poured cream and heated on a water bath or in a microwave until the mixture becomes homogeneous. As soon as the mixture boils, remove it from the fire and change it. Wait until the mixture has cooled to room temperature, pour 20 g of coconut chips, salt and put butter. We mix everything thoroughly and put the mixture in a cold place. Cool the mixture with a mixer until thick and start to form candies. If the mixture is a bit thin, then it should be sent again to a cold place, and then proceed to the molding of sweets.

Almond is poured with boiling water, after a minute we take out and clean it from the skins. Peeled nuts are lightly fried in a pan. You can get rid of these troubles by buying already fried almonds.

On a flat plate or a cutting board we pour out the coconut shavings. Using a teaspoon, we collect the sweet mixture and spread it on the shavings. In the middle of the lump immerse the nut and roll the ball. We try to make smaller sweets - very large meals will be inconvenient. Ready sweets are rolled in coconut shavings and put into a plate. If the Raffaello is immediately after the preparation is not planned, then they need to put the refrigerator. Because at room temperature these sweets will begin to melt.

Home-made recipe for Raffaello sweets

The preparation of the Raffaello sweets according to this recipe is the longest, but it's worth trying - the taste is amazing.



Give the oil a little melt at room temperature. When it softens, we knead it with a fork. Mix the butter with condensed milk, add cognac (vanilla sugar) and 100 g of coconut chips. We beat everything with a mixer until a homogeneous cream is obtained. Ready to clean the cream in the refrigerator for a day. The thickened cream is taken from the refrigerator and we form candies. To do this, take the cream with a teaspoon, remove the cream with a knife with a rounded tip and roll the sweets. Do not forget to put the almonds in the middle of the candy. Sweet crust in the remaining coconut shavings.

Put the candy on a plate and put it in the refrigerator. We treat ourselves when the chocolates are chilled, at our room temperature our rafaello will melt.