Radiation therapy - the consequences

Radiation therapy is a complex and serious treatment for one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Of course, we are talking about cancer. Despite its effectiveness, radiation therapy has the most serious consequences. And yet, the serious side effects of therapy are not as dangerous as the disease from which it can cure. Therefore, many oncologists are ready for anything, just to get rid of a fatal diagnosis.

Radiation therapy in oncology - consequences and side effects

Radiation therapy is aimed at the destruction of cancer cells and prevention of their further reproduction. Medicine, of course, does not stand still, and with each year the technologies and means of chemotherapy are substantially improved, but nevertheless it is not possible to make treatment narrowly focused to this day. That is, along with infected cells, healthy tissues always suffer.

One of the most famous consequences of radiation therapy is hair loss. But this is just a drop in the ocean. The list of side effects and negative consequences of chemotherapy treatment is too great. Here are just a few problems that can be encountered in the treatment of cancer patients:

  1. In places where rays penetrate, burns are formed. The degree of their severity depends on the depth of penetration and the strength of the beam. In addition, the skin throughout the body becomes more tender and prone to injury.
  2. Radiation therapy does not leave the whole body without consequences. Often, patients after such therapy sessions feel depressed, become more susceptible, nervous, get tired faster than usual.
  3. On the skin of patients can develop wounds and ulcers.
  4. Patients undergoing radiation therapy may suffer from nausea and vomiting.
  5. Sleep disorders are another negative effect of radiation therapy.

The consequences of radiation therapy for different organs

Cancer is a dangerous and vile disease. She can come "from where did not expect" and hit the most healthy, never causing complaints the organs. Today, almost all organs can be treated with chemotherapy. And, unfortunately, almost no treatment is possible without complications and unpleasant sensations.

Radiation therapy of the brain is a dangerous procedure, and therefore the consequences are relevant. The most "harmless" side effect - hair loss and the appearance of small wounds on the scalp. What is worse for patients who suffer terrible headaches, nausea, vomiting, high fever and constant drowsiness. After radiation therapy of the brain, the patient may experience loss of appetite and a depressed state for a while. Over time (after the decay products are absorbed into the blood), the negative consequences will disappear by themselves.

Radiation therapy is mandatory for basaliomas and also has not the most pleasant consequences. After treatment, the skin can peel off, quite often the patients have swelling. Often, after radiotherapy for skin cancer in the areas of penetration, the rays are disturbed by severe itching and even burning. In general, each patient's effects are manifested in their own way, depending on the course of treatment and the characteristics of the body.

Radiation therapy of the throat can have various consequences and lead to the following changes in the body:

  1. After the throat therapy, the voice can change.
  2. The patient may lose the acute sense of taste.
  3. Dry mouth and sore throat are common.
  4. Often after radiotherapy of the throat, the patients develop caries . And as a result of dental surgery, the wounds heal too long.

The consequences of radiotherapy for the rectum, lungs and other internal organs can worsen the functioning of vital systems and are accompanied by other side effects inherent in the therapy of oncological diseases.